Who We Are & What We Do ...

Nimblex is an Australian made web-based software platform. We configure management applications to suit you, without the need for writing code, long lead times and big budgets. 

Our Key Management Solutions include: Procurement, Contract, Risk, Project, Safety or a completely Custom Solution.

Our base software platform features include: Reminders and Scheduled Tasks, Reporting and Dashboards, Drag and Drop Capabilities, Workflow, Restricting and Controlling Access and our 5 Star Support Promise.

On top of this platform, we build your specific off-the-shelf solution, which may fit 50%, 75% or 100% of your requirements. Our Custom Solutions cover the remaining, resulting in a solution that suits you and your organisation.

Hosted in a cloud environment on a subscription, or installed on your own server.

Nimblex is a one-stop solution for all your Compliance, Assurance and Governance needs, bringing greater peace of mind to you and your organisation. 

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One System. Countless Possibilities.

Have we mentioned how flexible our software is? Here's some of the benefits & features that our clients love the most...


Nimblex Software Solutions will mould around you and your organisation. We offer off-the-shelf solutions which may fit 50%, 75% or 100% of your requirements, the remainder can be customised.

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Nimblex is a cost-effective software solution. We cater to your budget. To put it into perspective we can build you a bike or a sports car.

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Choosing a Nimblex Solution is a low-risk option. We have a large client base, covering multiple industries: Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing, etc. We have never lost a client due to user issues.

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Reminders & Scheduled Tasks

Events can trigger email notifications, trigger workflow actions, and a wide variety of other actions.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Use our report creation tools to build standard reports to share between staff, and allow users to create their own reusable report profiles. We can tailor build Reports and Dashboards to meet users needs at any level of the organisation.

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Drag & Drop Capabilities

Nimblex offers drag-and-drop assembly of forms and systems using our unique eForm Designer. We build all our systems using these configuration tools, so even our off the shelf systems offer huge amounts of customisation.

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Workflow Features

We don’t pretend to have a single ‘workflow’ feature, but rather a suite of features that work in concert to support your workflow. Our workflow rules can be completely customised to suit client needs.

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Restricting & Controlling Access

Our security systems give you a lot of control of who can access what. This extends to Guest accounts that are specifically designed to safely give access to a subset of your system, without the risk of your data escaping.

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5 Star Support Promise

Our team at eBMS includes Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Software Developers who are extremely dedicated, capable and masters of their craft. We will respond to your enquiry within one business day.

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