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Nimblex is a highly flexible software platform on which we configure management applications using drag and drop tools instead of writing code to create solutions to fit your requirements best.

What is Nimblex?

Nimblex is an Australian made web-based software platform that can be hosted in a cloud environment on a subscription, or installed on your own server.

This base software platform brings with it user accounts, permissions, workflow and a host of other features. On top of this platform, we build your specific solution: for example a Risk system, a Procurement system, or a custom solution that suits only you.

We do this using an easy to use drag and drop system builder environment we call the Designer. Using this environment you can put together advanced systems with ease.

Building a system with ease

How can we help?

Using Nimblex, we can take your organisations frustrations and turn them into robust business applications. We can configure tailored management applications that best fit your unique requirements without writing a line of code. It is more affordable to implement, and better able to change and scale compared to software written from the ground up.

Our platform has many dynamic features, including flexible reporting, sophisticated security and workflow settings. This will empower you to improve efficiency and transparency in your business.

You can now have business management software that will match your requirements 100%, and be able to change to grow with you.

Browse our Resource Library

We have built a number of tools that we use to help our clients. On our resources page you will also find a number of training videos that show you a bit more of the Nimblex platform.

We also thought the video to the right might be informative, so feel free to give it a watch.


Pick and choose from our standard solutions and then watch them bend over backwards to fit your unique needs.


Manage contracts with confidence and ease throughout their life cycle.


Assisting your organisation to pre-approve vendors to keep them compliant.


Identify, assess, prioritise and manage your risks effortlessly.


Record, track, investigate and report safety related issues in order to take corrective and preventative action.

Human resources

Save time and administration costs by tracking all information related to HR management in one central place.

Quality assurance

Keep up your high standards by effectively tracking and reacting to all quality issues within your operations.

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