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Pick and choose from a selection of core solutions and then watch them bend over backwards to fit your unique requirements


Lets us configure Nimblex to meet your unique requirements.

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Local Councils and a Shared Management Solution approach

How Good is Your Contract Management System?

Questions to ask about Safety Management Software

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Nimblex - One platform. Countless possibilities

One platform. Countless solutions.

Web-based management software that is nimble enough to wrap around all your business solution needs - whatever its shape or size.

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Pick and choose from our standard solutions and then watch them bend over backwards to fit your unique needs.


Manage contracts with confidence and ease throughout their life cycle.


Assisting your organisation to pre-approve vendors to keep them compliant.


Identify, assess, prioritise and manage your risks effortlessly.


Record, track, investigate and report safety related issues in order to take corrective and preventative action.

Human resources

Save time and administration costs by tracking all information related to HR management in one central place.

Quality assurance

Keep up your high standards by effectively tracking and reacting to all quality issues within your operations.

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