Who we are:

We are a Melbourne-based software company who has created an Australian made technology called the Nimblex Platform. We are configuring management solutions for a wide selection of industries.


What drives us:


We truly believe that we help managers from all industries to achieve better outcomes at work.

We put people above software, so it is primarily about people… It’s about trust and putting the user first. With Nimblex, we encourage our clients to think big while giving them the options to start small.

In return, we go the extra mile to ensure the successful delivery of their solutions.


Our mission:

eBMS works to achieve lasting efficiencies and the strengthening of governance for big and small organisations by empowering operational managers with the opportunity to create management solutions which resemble ‘the way they wish to work’ without breaking the bank. 


Did you know:

  • We have great client retention as we have not lost any of our clients since securing our first one back in June 2011
  • We have managed to grow our clientele every year.
  • We use our own proven and SIMPLE development methodology to ensure your success
  • We have received fantastic testimonials and feedback from our clients
  • Most of our business development has come through word-of-mouth due to happy clients.
  • Our clients are becoming spontaneously part of our R&D activities due to their excitement of our technology (we make them look good and help them achieve job objectives)

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Our Client Facing Team

Bert Myburgh
Managing Director
Stuart Murray
Technical Director
Kevin Rother
Projects Director
Sales and Client Relationship Executive
Business Analyst and Sales
Business Analyst and Platform Specialist
Platform Specialist
Platform Specialist

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