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Who We Are & What We Do

Nimblex is an Australian Made & Owned, highly flexible software platform made by eBMS Pty Ltd. Since 2010, we've been making business management software more efficient, cost-effective and less complex. We create business management solutions that fit your requirements, without the need for writing code, long lead times and big budgets, We have also never lost a client due to user issues. 

Our Solutions Include: Procurement, Contract, Risk, Safety, Quality Assurance, Grant, Vendor or a completely Custom Solution. 

Commercial Clients Include: Twinings, AFL SportsReady, Melbourne Airport, Formula 1, WorkSafe Victoria, Yarra Valley Water, Bucher Municipal, Nexans Olex & Jayco. 

Government Clients Include: SA Dep of Industry and Skills, SA Dep for Education, SA Dep for Child Protection, WA Dep of Health, WA Dep of Transport, WA Dep of Training & Workforce Development, WA Dep of Health, Federal Dep of Infrastructure & Regional Development & 10+ Councils. 

What Drives Us

We don't sell software; we sell trust! 

Our industry is littered with broken promises, bad experiences and cost blowouts which set back people's careers. 

We believe that what we do is primarily about people, not software. It’s about trust. 

You may think this sounds a little corny, but you will only really know once you have spoken to our clients which we encourage you to do.  

Our Mission

eBMS works to achieve lasting efficiencies and the strengthening of governance for big and small organisations.

Our Nimblex Platform enables us to do this by the:

  • Empowering of operational managers with the opportunity to create management solutions (or applications) without costing a fortune.
  • Offering best-fit solutions which resemble 'the ideal way they wish to work' and that will always stay in step with their changing needs.
  • Delivery of expected benefits realisation and a better ROI.
  • Helping managers to achieve their performance objectives with ease.


Our Values

  • Integrity - in all of our actions
  • Passions - fuels our lives
  • People - are the heart of our success
  • Innovation - that makes a difference
  • Empower - unleash the greatness
  • Trust - is the key to our business


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