Do you want to spend less time doing Admin in 2018?

How is your organisation going to achieve this?

Every organisation strives to be productive, but in today's market it's not enough to be 'busy'. To gain a competitive advantage, you must be better, faster and use fewer resources than your competitors.

You need to innovate.

At the heart of this quest for innovation is digitisation.

Ok, I can already hear you say "not us, we don't have the budget to do that" or "not another buzzword which is only within reach of large corporates."

No matter what industry or size, every organisation has standard, replicable and repeated processes and workflows that could be made smarter with digitistion.


How to Become More Productive

Have you thought about how you and your co-workers can be more efficient, effective and enjoy greater job satisfaction in 2018?

Digital Transformation through the use of 'no-code software' can improve many key drivers of business performance, including information flow, client satisfaction, elimination of errors and improved decision making.

Here we explore four key ways this technology has already produced massive shifts in efficiency and how these tools can help you drive your business forward this year.


1. Predictive Analytics

Today every company must be agile, but this is especially true for small and medium businesses, who often lack the financial and human resources departments of their larger competitors.

Business Applications give management vital insights for boosting future performance. However, if these application are not representative of the unique way your organisation is operating, then it can be sometimes more pain and no gain.

Imagine a business software platform that is not reliant on code, which can be shaped around you and your organisations exact processes and procedures. Imagine now the creation of dashboards, reporting triggers and real-time charts, giving you accurate information about your unique business processes.

It will enable you to anticipate work loading,
reduce downtime and respond faster to client demands. This type of innovation will result in higher staff and client satisfaction and profitability.



2. Mobility

Customers want access to information, services and solutions everywhere they go, in real time..

Our Nimblex QIN App offers our clients a completely unified platform both in and out of the office, online to offline.

  • Creates and submit forms offline for Nimblex users
  • FREE Digital worker profile
  • Sticky log-in
  • Seamless one-way integration with Nimblex
  • Easily integrates with hundreds of additional apps
  • Auto filling smart forms minimises typing and errors for end users.
  • On demand mobile visual inductions/procedures with engagement verification and validation capabilities.
  • Instantly captures information including photos and e-signatures from the field.

3. Automated Document Generation

Many aspects of sales, administration are based on repetition

Think of all the time wasted emailing back and forth to gain sign-offs on documents, let alone gaining approval in the office on what clause should be in or out of the document.

If you are generating documents with no automated workflows and approval processes, then there is an enormous opportunity for you to innovate, right there.

Document automation can streamline the production of standard documents like contracts, proposals, quotes, compliance documents, checklists, and many more. This will enable you to save time, reducing errors and and giving staff more freedom to focus on the customer experience and innovation

If you fail to automate this aspect of your day-to-day operations, then you will be missing an opportunity to save money on salaries and wages, while working slower than your competition in the future.




4. Integrated Cloud Platforms

Cloud technology has revolutionised the way we communicate

Cloud-based applications enable information to flow seamlessly between business areas, improving operational efficiencies and facilitating more responsive customer service

The flexibility and real-time accuracy of data also gives management more holistic insights and enables them to respond in an agile manner to market opportunities

Now, this is still a problem with many commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, which operate in a silo structure towards other applications within your organisation. For example, if you have a cloud-based Risk Management System (from ABC vendor) which does not integrate with your cloud-based Incident Management System (from XYZ vendor), then you fall short in experiencing the benefits that cloud can offer your organisation.

Imagine a business application enabling platform that is cloud-based and you can configure any type of business applications. All these applications can share data seamlessly and all functions are integrated with each other, all on the same platform. Yes, you may think this sounds way to good to be true and will cost a fortune...However, I can assure you it's not, it just requires innovation and digitisation.



Let's Talk Nimblex

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