Is there a better way?

Many businesses rely on carefully constructed spreadsheets to keep track of their operations.

Entering data into the complex web of equations and conditional formatting is a highly time-consuming, and intensive data entry task. Like all data entry tasks, it can be difficult to ensure that all the figures entered are accurate. And when errors do occur, it can take hours of data cleaning to identify and correct mistakes. There is no audit trail for the mistakes entered into a spreadsheet. There are also no automation features such as workflow and automated communication native to spreadsheets.

Clunky but widely used

Despite the drawbacks, spreadsheets are powerful tools and a key component of any large-scale successful business. A properly designed spreadsheet can allow you to process complex numerical and financial management data and scenarios.

But for all these benefits that spreadsheets provide, the fact remains that they are complex to set up, a nightmare to keep track of, and risky to maintain.

Why tolerate complex spreadsheets?

Some of the key reasons why users are unwilling to surrender their use of spreadsheets are because of the inflexibility and high costs associated with trying to create similar applications and registers within their official enterprise management solutions. So often a spreadsheet is a ‘work around’; it’s too expensive to create a new register or new application module in SAP, Oracle or similar. The fact is that the requirements of these types of solutions (e.g. pricing, hierarchies, cost allocations, data entries, business rules, etc.) all change far too quickly for IT to respond with updates.

The alternative to Excel

Surely there is a solution for those who require all the benefits of spreadsheets, but need something with more muscle? There has to be something out there that is infinitely expandable in the future, highly flexible and cost effective.

Good news – we have the solution!

Nimblex provides you with the ability to create data entry forms which are configurable to your exact needs via a simple drag and drop interface that anyone can use. The web based system allows you to convert spreadsheet line items into online web forms in no time.

You can turn your spreadsheet registers into online web forms. By using Nimblex, you have the capability to to turn your humble little spreadsheet register into a powerful online management solution. You can do all of this at a fraction of the cost when compared to gain similar functionality in tier one management solutions such as SAP, Oracle or IBM.

How Nimblex works

Nimblex has a parent-child dynamic, similar to Excel Spreadsheet formula, which keeps the interface familiar. Building templates for your business allows you and your system to grow with ease. This will help you:

  • Produce custom-made forms and business rules specific to your organisational needs
  • Create input forms to mine for the data you want from other users
  • Fantastic user experience through similarity, but also enhanced features and functionality

Nimblex speaks the language of the Spreadsheet. It can understand the contents of a spreadsheet, and can also output data back into a spreadsheet.

We use Excel or CSV to:

  • import and export records, users and departments
  • to do data manipulation
  • to transfer data between systems
  • and even to generate new forms.

We also make use of a Formula language that is highly compatible with that found in Excel.

Many of our clients have used Nimblex to replace Excel for functions within their business; because, in many ways, Nimblex is the next logical step from building and managing your register in Excel. It’s a cost effective way to convert your basic Excel system into a multi-user system with automation, access control and auditability.

Examples of Nimblex’s capabilities with spreadsheets:

  • Exporting Data
  • Importing Data
  • Customised Imports
  • Creating a Form from a Spreadsheet

Request a demo today to explore how you can turn your spreadsheet registers into a robust management solution.

Spreadsheet in Laptop