In today’s workplace, there is very little room for error.

Customer expectations and competition are rising, placing businesses under increasing pressure to perform better, faster.

At the heart of this performance is information flow. How well your organisation’s day-to-day processes and systems interact has an enormous impact on efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately, profitability.

Of these three factors, customer satisfaction is often the most pivotal. If your processes and systems cause delays, errors or confusion for customers, many will not wait around or give you a second chance, they’ll go elsewhere.

Improve customer satisfaction with workflow

Workflow automation can greatly improve your company’s ability to deliver what your customers want, when they want it.

The way your organisation interacts with clients contributes to your unique point of difference and bolsters your competitive advantage. So workflow automation can help you to ensure the ‘what’ is done correctly, but also to package the ‘how’ in such a way that will give you the edge in the market.

Here we explore three key ways that process automation can benefit your customers:

  1. Increased efficiency

    It might be an old adage, but it still rings true today: time is money.

    Workflow automation provides valuable real time insights into what works and what doesn’t within your existing systems, helping you identify ways to streamline, refine and improve. It also facilitates optimal information flow throughout your organisation, for greater consistency, timeliness and accuracy of everyday functions.

    Today’s customers demand responsive service tailored to their specific needs.

    Workflow automation enables your business to act quickly and flexibly every step of the way – from answering an enquiry, to processing an order or following up post-sale concerns – so your customers always feel their needs are being met.

  2. Better communication

    Communication methods may have evolved, but customer expectations have not.

    A major cause of frustration for many customers is unclear, inconsistent or inadequate communication. Customers are increasingly looking for ways to simplify their lives and save time, but they still want to be kept informed.

    Workflow management software provides an effective way to standardise your customer service process to ensure consistency and demonstrate reliability.

    It can also guide customers through your business process, providing regular touch points that give them confidence in your service and make them feel valued by your business.

  3. Digital optimisation

    Digitisation has already streamlined many aspects of today’s business world.

    However there is potential for even greater benefit when an organisation digitally optimises more than one variable in their business.

    One of the greatest advantages of workflow automation for your customers is that it needn’t be limited to document-related tasks.

    It can be applied every touch point in your business including financial, accounts, sales and support, so your customers receive consistent, responsive service whether they are filling out a form, talking to a staff member or paying a bill.

    Customers also enjoy the flow-on benefit of optimisation, when a company can focus more fully on ways to improve and deliver better service.

The ultimate driver of business growth

Automating your business provides a range of operational and strategic benefits. It eliminates many of the bottlenecks that exist in traditional manual processes, improves efficiency and communication and gives management the real time data they need to stay competitive.

But the two greatest benefits – and perhaps the ultimate drivers of business growth are:

  • the ability to help you anticipate, respond to and satisfy your customers’ needs
  • the ability to deliver the above in a unique (your point of difference) and consistent way, building greater sustainability for your business.

But one of its greatest benefits – and perhaps the ultimate driver of business growth – is its ability to help you anticipate, respond to and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Using Nimblex to make your organisation deliver better customer service

Whether you have a straightforward sequential workflow or a complicated workflow – we can configure an automation that fits your business and helps you deliver exceptional customer service. We tailor our solutions to best represent your competitive advantage on how you like to work.

Watch our video to the right to find out more about our powerful and user friendly workflows and forms.

Like to know more? Request a demo today and find out how workflow automation with Nimblex can make you look good for your customers.