The flow of information is critical to the success of any businesses, no matter how large or small.

But for many businesses, information flow is too often hindered by manual processes, old fashioned systems or paper-based processes. Staff are bogged down with repetitive, manual tasks and managers are frustrated by hold-ups and information black holes.

That’s where workflow automation comes into play.

Benefits of workflow automation

Having the right information, at the right time, is the key to being a smart, agile and competitive organisation.

Automating your business processes with workflow automation can transform your business into a more productive, responsive environment by removing repetitive manual tasks, streamlining processes and enabling better decision making by management through the availability of real-time operational data.

Let’s look at three benefits of workflow automation:

  • Your staff are more productive

    Think about all the potential mishaps that might occur in a traditional manual workflow process that relies on paper forms or people. There’s data entry errors, mislaid paper work, a staff member away on leave causing a bottle neck or misunderstood instructions.

    All these issues have the potential to hamper business productivity and stifle growth.

    With workflow management software, the responsibility of completing a process shifts from humans to a program so workflows become consistent, error-free and much faster.

    Rules and forms ensure staff have a clear idea of what they have to do, by when. Furthermore, the burden of repetitive manual tasks reduces so your people have more time for work that requires innovative thought. Good for them, good for your business.

  • Management can make better decisions

    When business processes become automated, data is captured more efficiently and accurately, eliminating complexity and risk.

    Improved data leads to more informed decision making for management. For example, they can see the state of any given workflow in real time. They can view how many similar workflows have been completed in a given time period, and what the issues were – if any – that hung them up. All this powerful information is available at their fingertips through reporting tools and dashboards that workflow automation software offers.

  • Tasks can be completed on smart devices, anywhere

    In our modern, digital workplaces, staff rely on their mobile phones and tablets to perform their work, whether approving orders, checking invoices or responding to customer inquiries.

    By relying on manual processes and paper-forms, businesses are limiting the productivity of staff to a physical location within traditional work hours. This scenario is becoming more obsolete as the mobile workforce continues to rise, as these statistics attest to:

    • According to Manufacturing Business Technology, 55 percent of manufacturing professionals expect to increase their use of mobile technologies.
    • According to Workflow Magazine, 74 percent of businesses that deploy mobile devices are motivated by a need to accelerate communication, and 63 percent of businesses deploy mobile devices to let employees work away from their desks.

    A workflow automation business application that operates on mobile devices gives your staff the tools they need to perform tasks off-site, visiting a client, on the factory floor, or out on the road.

    For organisations with dispersed teams and departments spread across multiple sites or global offices, innovative business apps are necessary to facilitate collaborative workflows in real-time.

Using Nimblex to make your organisation smarter

So, is it time your business implemented automated workflows and became a smarter organisation?

The Nimblex platform offers a number of workflow approaches, which means we can best fit your unique requirements.

Whether you have a straightforward sequential workflow or a complicated workflow – we can configure an automation that fits your business.

Watch our video to the right to find out more about our powerful and user friendly workflows and forms.

Like to know more? Request a demo today and find out how workflow automation with Nimblex can make your business smarter.

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