One of the greatest challenges facing today’s workplace is resource management. When it comes to human resources that means maintaining an agile, productive and empowered workforce.

A Mobile Workforce Demands Flexibility

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile. The benefits to business are many and include efficient resource allocation, availability of real time data and information flow. For this to be truly effective however, it must also satisfy the employees’ need for flexibility, versatility and influence over their workflow.

Automation and streamlining of workflows is a highly effective way to increase employee engagement and improve your business performance. By eliminating manual processes, everyday tasks can be done faster and with greater accuracy, giving your staff more time to be creative and innovative.

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  • Business applications are designed to suit mobile devices, so employees can work as effectively in the field as they would in-house.

Put Your Employees in Charge of their Workflow – and Reap the Rewards

Here we explore three key ways automation puts your employees in charge of their workflow, giving them increased job satisfaction and helping you drive your business forward:

  1. App customisation

    Process automation allows your employees to be hands-on in designing and modifying business apps to suit their needs by eliminating the complex coding that would normally require expert IT support.

    This not only gives employees a greater sense of ownership and control, it also speeds up development and integration – so your business can remain agile and focused on continual improvement.

  2. Cloud access

    Workflow automation allows you to digitally optimize your business applications and information and store them in the Cloud, so employees can access them wherever they go – eliminating common business bottlenecks such as waiting for management authorization or signatures, parts ordering and information uploads.

    It also allows management to make smarter decisions based on real time data.

  3. Portability

    Automation equips employees with the tools they need to deliver optimal performance in any situation. Business applications are designed to suit mobile devices, so employees can work as effectively in the field as they would in-house.

    This improves employee productivity, provides your customers with more responsive service and allows management to direct resources where they are needed most.

Time to Digitally Optimise Your Workflow

Highly engaged employees are fundamental to the success of your business. They are more productive, more innovative and more committed to helping you achieve your business objectives.

Digitally optimising your processes and systems allows your employees to take charge of their workflow and deliver better service based on direct experience and insights – so you can focus on growing your business, deliver outstanding service and stay ahead of the competition.

Using Nimblex to Put Your Organisation Ahead of the Competition

Whether you have a straightforward sequential workflow or a complicated workflow – we can configure an automation that fits your business and helps you exceed your customers’ expectations.

Watch our video to the right to find out more about our powerful and user friendly workflows and forms.

Like to know more? Get in touch today and find out how automation with Nimblex can help you take charge of your workflow.

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