AFL SportsReady is a national not for profit company that facilitates employment and education for young Australians.

At a Glance:

Nimblex Solution: Procurement and Contract Management


  • The use of spreadsheet database to manage the recruitment and placement of candidates were becoming difficult to manage with numerous individual spreadsheets being used that were not linked.
  • AFL SportsReady were looking for a single system which would be used by all users to achieve better control and accountability.
  • They were looking for a system that could successfully bring all their recruitment, placement and funding issues into a central system.


  • EBMS tailored a Recruitment System that would allow users to complete the required data entry into a single centralised system thus doing away with multiple spreadsheets.
  • EBMS managed to configure and integrate the specific recruitment and funding requirements into a seamless system.
  • The data captured will be automatically visible in the relevant reports via ‘real-time’ reporting. No rework or double handling of data will be needed.


  • All compliance, reporting and notification issues relating to the management of their recruitment and funding are successfully managed in one place, i.e. their Nimblex Solution.
  • They specifically requested a system which could be self-maintained without too much eBMS support.
  • It is envisaged that the Nimblex Solution would be further developed to replace other existing software and that they will end up with one total recruitment solution.

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