Project Overview:

API Management through the APIJV, has an objective of developing a long-term iron ore export operation located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The APIJV controls a large mining tenement portfolio comprising 8,000 km2 focused in the west Pilbara. The APIJV is managed by API Management Pty Ltd (APIM) based in Perth, Western Australia. 


API Management

Nimblex Solution: Procurement and Contract Management


  • The requirement was a web-based Procurement and Contract Management Solution which would automate the procurement and document approval process.
  • It needed to be accessible to multi-users with different access levels.
  • The requirements for the solution was unique due to the nature of the joint venture and the need to implement a very robust policy on Procurement and Contract Management.



  • Nimblex has tailored a Phase 1 of the Procurement and Contract Management Solution successfully, which prepares API  Management to start their tendering activity until contract award.
  • Nimblex managed to configure the solution to correctly accommodate and represent their very detailed and specific requirements.



The result is a solution which is tailored fit for API Management and successfully manage compliance to their unique Procurement and Contract Management policy. It is so successful, that they are embarking on a Nimblex phase 2 and 3.