Project Overview:

Direct Appliance Rentals (DAR) is an Australian franchise that rents household appliances, technology and equipment to individuals for domestic use with the option to purchase at the end of an agreed rental period.


Nimblex Solution: Custom System


  • EBMS was approached by DAR do develop a custom-designed software solution which would enable DAR to keep up with their fast-growing company requirements.
  • DAR were using Salesforce as a CRM and two spreadsheets for tracking client payments.
  • DAR required a flexible platform that would keep up with the ever-changing needs of the company.



  • Their Nimblex solution would need to manage customer instalments for each product purchased, and then notify DAR of any inconsistencies such as non-payments, late payments, over payments, etc. and also manage the term of the rental agreements with notifications at end of term rental.
  • It also needed to auto generate reports, statements and letters to clients in regards to rental milestones.
  • And their Nimblex solution would need to import designated fields from two separate payment gateways.



The Nimblex platform has proved to be extremely adaptable as there are continuous improvements being made to the solution, as requested by DAR management, and eBMS has always been able to accommodate these requests which results in a solution that is continuously being improved.


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