At a Glance:

Nimblex Solution: Warehouse Picking Error and Rebate Management


  • The creation of a Rebate Management System to track, control and manage rebates received by E & S Trading in relation to certain branded products
  • The creation of a simple Warehouse Picking Error Management System to replace the manual comparison method so as to reduce anomalies between the scanned quantity of items picked and the actual picked quantity


  • To create a system that would track and manage rebates owing to the company and the payments of these rebates.
  • Proactive reports and automatic notifications to ensure all payments are made on time.
  • The tracking of purchases in relation to rebate targets.
  • The ability to manage forecasting and budget parameters
  • To provide management alerts and reports on actionable items i.e. expiring trading terms, overdue payments, etc,
  • The Warehouse Picking Error Management solution was a simple solution that was quickly deployed.


  • E & S received a simple and flexible system which could be self-maintained without too much eBMS support.
  • It was envisaged that the Nimblex Solution would pave the way for further Nimblex solutions to improve business processes and this has resulted in further solutions being implemented.
  • EBMS has deployed an affordable Warehouse Picking Error Management system, replacing the manual system which accurately compares scanned quantities with actual picked quantities.

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