Project Overview:

iHR Australia is Australia’s leading provider of integrated human resources solutions.

Since 1998, iHR has been assisting organisations to create and manage productive, rewarding and lawful workplace cultures.

iHR Australia has a team of experienced consultants across Australia, South East Asia and New Zealand and provides services to professional organisations, representing some of the region's highest profile private, not-for-profit and government brands.

Some of their clients include: Specsavers, Medibank Private, Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, AMP, Zoos Victoria, Hartmann, Ansell, Airservices Australia, City of Stonnington, AMP, Orica, Downer Edi Engineering, CSIRO, LinkWater, Patties Foods.

They have various aspects to their product offerings, mainly in the areas of:

  • Taking on the role of HR function and acting on their client’s behalf
  • Providing Consulting services to their clients
  • Providing/managing Training services
  • Business development and Client Relationship Management


Nimblex Solution: Customer Relationship Management, Training Management


  • The diverse range of services and high quality of service delivery iHR offers, require activities to be accounted for through a simple and integrated data capturing process. This includes the management of business development activities and client relationships.
  • iHR experienced a significant growth, especially across different client locations within Australia while also expanding into Asia. They needed a system that could traverse various geographical areas.
  • iHR recognised that the functionalities of their existing Access database and spreadsheets would not have given them the necessary flexibility and control needed to successfully manage their new growth phase. The ability for future continuous improvement of systems was also important to iHR.
  • The options explored by iHR generally offered a partial solution with limited capability for future customisation. iHR was in need of a flexible solution to automate processes and ‘package their services’ into robust systems.



  • iHR asked the eBMS team to create a management platform to host various system modules such as CRM, Multisite Management, Job Management and Training Management.
  • EBMS created and configured the requested systems to best fit the unique way in which iHR wanted to conduct their in-house management procedures and reporting.
  • iHR’s new systems were configured on the Nimblex Platform giving all solutions customised features which include:
  • Automated Workflow Reporting
  • Unique Data Capturing
  • Automated Communication
  • Configuration around portals
  • Flexible Reporting & Management Dashboards
  • The above also gave iHR the flexibility to practice continuous improvement over time especially in light of their growth strategy.



  • Having used the Nimblex platform for a few years, Nimblex has become a platform for iHR to launch their growth and keep control of their business.
  • iHR have benefited from the improved reporting capability and have managed to ‘productise’ their services. Nimblex has enabled iHR to no longer only provide a service, but the necessary procedures and systems in order to make sure their clients are happy.
  • iHR’s capability to productise their services can be extended to other organisations and the flexibility that Nimblex offers which allows iHR to shape the platform as they grow and adapt to changing needs.


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Our Clients Say

“It's so easy to configure and simple to use. Nimblex has allowed us to customise the system according to the way WE want to work - it's so effortless for us as an organisation.”

Annette Stenhouse

Training & Development Consultant / Workplace Investigations Coordinator, iHR Australia