At a Glance:

Nimblex Solution: Incident and Safety Reporting


  • The widespread use of a spreadsheet database to manage all the daily incidents at Jayco was time consuming, unwieldy, and producing problems with accountability and the daily reporting of incidents as well as the follow ups.
  • They were looking for a simple Nimblex based system that could successfully manage all aspects of their incidents, investigations, reporting follow ups across a broad spectrum of users and to eventually, at a later stage, have an auto login in facility for any employees to use.
  • Jayco required a flexible and comprehensive reporting facility which did not require extensive and repetitive daily manual input.
  •  Jayco wanted to administer the system themselves.


  • EBMS tailored a simple Incident and Investigation System successfully as per their detailed ‘process story’ and reporting requirements.
  • The successful solution has created an interest from within the Human Resources and other departments who want to pursue their own customised Nimblex solutions.


  • All compliance, reporting and notification issues relating to the management and reporting of incidents are successfully managed in one place i.e. their Nimblex Solution.
  • Over time it is envisaged that the improved engagement of users with the system will see a substantial decrease in the amount of paperwork that preceded the Nimblex solution.
  • Excellent real time reporting and notifications as the incidents are recorded and scheduled reports to stakeholders now occurs automatically.

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