At a Glance:

Nimblex Solution: Quotation Management System


Nexans Olex is an Australian manufacturer of electrical cables and one of Australia’s largest power cable manufacturers. Currently, their sourcing of cables is managed by two teams, one in Australia and the other in China. They use MS Access as their database with two separate instances for each team. They faced problems with synchronising the two instances whenever required and are dependent on many manual processes. Hence they were looking for Cloud-Based Database software which could be used by the two teams to manage their quotes more easily. They determined that there was a need for a specialised Quote Management System to act as a repository to keep track of the RFQ’s coming through with reporting and automated reminder capabilities. The database should be robust and suitable to effectively maintain the data captured.


  • The system is to facilitate the quotation process by Sales creating a request for sourcing which then will be taken up by Sales team, Sales will then review the requirements, check historic pricing and map the codes with their current SAP system (manually).
  • The final output from the system will be a quote with the group margin calculation which can be finally used by sales team to deliver the final quote to the Nexans Olex client.
  • A live dashboard was required which provides instant visibility into status of all current quotes, approvalsreview stages along with some alerts and handy tabular reports with search options.


  • Nexans Olex received a web-based quote management system which will automate various processes, some extremely complicated, involved with sourcing a request, comparing the historic prices, prepare landing cost and finally turning out a quote with group margin calculation.

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