Project Overview:

The Salvation Army helps provide hope, opportunity and freedom to all Australians without discrimination.


Nimblex Solution: Project Management


  • As a result of an internal audit, it was recommended to The Salvation Army that they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Contract Management within the organisation.
  • The CMS project aimed to deliver a contract management solution (supplied by eBMS) to improve the organisation’s compliance monitoring, contract management, internal KPI’s and audit history
  • The Salvation Army was, therefore, looking for a web-based solution with a logical flow, flexibility, accountability and with the appropriate notifications and approvals to shape around the areas which had been identified as problematic and satisfied the requirement of doing away with their current paperwork system.



  • EBMS tailored a unique Project Management System successfully as per their detailed internal procedural requirements and internal compliance standards.
  • The solution is easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to comply with all the organisation’s unique process and workflow requirements and their internal audit responsibilities.
  • The solution was successfully delivered within very tight time parameters.



  • All compliance, reporting and notification issues relating to the management of their Procurement and Contracts are successfully managed in one place, i.e. their Nimblex Solution.
  • Improved reporting can be done through pre-configured reports, and any non-compliance and variation issues are immediately sent to the appropriate level of management for action.


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