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The features of Nimblex.

A collection of Nimblex features.

The Nimblex Platform is feature-rich and highly configurable with our low-code, drag-and-drop method of development. These are just some of the many features that make Nimblex a powerful platform for business process automation.

Features of Nimblex that clients love.

Personalised to match your branding

Your portals and systems can be personally branded to match your organisation’s brand identity. This not only includes colours, but logos, pictures and other ‘look and feel’ items.

Automatically populate Word templates

This will save you time, reduce admin errors and ensure greater standardisation of all your documentation.

Sophisticated reports and dashboard creation

Use our intuitive Nimblex Report Creator to build your portfolio of reports, including drill-down, charting and dashboards, giving you management information at your fingertips.

Conditional triggers and automated business rules

Configured business rules will take care of all the mundane but important actions which normally waste time or cause rework if they are not done accurately the first time by a human.

Trace every action.

All edits within a system are logged and are available for reporting and analysis after the fact. These logs are treated like any other form, and in addition to the standard reports, they can also be pulled into user-created reports and dashboards.

Audit reports can be configured to the level of complexity that you may need for your particular solution or security requirements.

By having a secure audit trail, the risks of corruption and fraud creeping in are significantly reduced.
Read here how software is used to fight procurement and contract corruption/fraud.

This feature will give you peace of mind knowing that every activity, action and entry on the Nimblex Platform can be traced and analysed.

Smart efficiencies to improve your business.

  • Powerful Reporting Tools
  • Intuitive Automation
  • Painless Digital Transformation

Use the Nimblex Report Creator to build your reports, including drill-down, charting and dashboards. Our report creation tools are easy to use, and most users interrogate their report data using the Nimblex Platform and not with external report tools.

Use the report creation tools to build standard reports to share between staff, and allow users to create their reusable report profiles. These statements interrogate your data directly, eliminating the need for a daily load or pulling data out of one system into a separate BI tool.
You can also share reports with your colleagues giving them “read” or “write” privileges, and output them as a spreadsheet, PDF or image format.

  • Ad-hoc Tabular Reports with the ability to pull data from multiple locations
  • Tailor-built Dashboards
  • Charting Reports
  • Reports within Landing or Portal Pages

Automation,  but not as you know it.

We do automation differently. No clunky, rigid, expensive custom solutions to transform your business here. We use low-code development to create a user-friendly, web-based platform that can house all your business systems in one place, giving you back time and improved productivity and efficiency.

Digital Transformation

  • Embrace technology to digitise your business (no more spreadsheet nightmares)
  • Be competitive in an online, digital world
  • Use integrated cloud technology.
  • Be free from laborious tasks; be free to innovate.
  • Make informed business decisions with real-time data and reporting.
  • Enjoy mobility with web-based solutions; any time, anywhere.

Drag-and-drop low-code eForm development.

Nimblex offers drag-and-drop assembly of forms and systems using our unique eForm Designer. Your database is built as you add input fields.  We build all your systems using our configuration tools, so even our Core systems offer many configuration options.

  • Complex database schemas can be created within Nimblex. The highly flexible data capturing forms (called eForms) offer all the standard database input capabilities and more, and all this can be configured to fit your process story. We do not use code to create your application, rather doing it our way is more cost-effective, less risky and more accessible to maintain compared to traditional solutions which are built by writing code. The ease of making changes will ensure that your solution stays relevant to your current and future requirements.

For more:
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Dream Solutions with Flexible and Intelligent eForms

Online and telephonic help when you need it.

Clients rave about our support performances and responsiveness when there is a cry for help. If you prefer, you can also make use of the resources on offer to help yourself. Our Nimblex Support services include:

  • Lodging a support request
  • Calling our dedicated support line
  • Our online nimblex.help directory
  • Our learning portal

Dynamic workflows for every situation.

Mapping a system to your workflow can be a challenging task. Nimblex drives sequential actions via the use of buttons (i.e. manual workflow) or the automated transitioning of a record via specified process steps. These steps are triggered by business rules as defined by various conditions (i.e. automated workflow).
We know that supporting your workflow requires design decisions in all aspects of a system to be effective. With this knowledge, we do not pretend to have a single “workflow” feature, but rather a suite of features that work in concert to support your workflow.

  • Flowchart
  • Spawning dependent processes
  • Follow-up/reminders
  • Record keeping

Send automated reminders, notifications or escalation messages.

These messages can be triggered by predetermined business rules and the content can be articulated as needed.

Nimblex sends email notifications directly to internal or external users’ Gmail, Outlook or Lotus Notes inboxes. It can also send SMS notifications if needed.

The Nimblex platform offers a comprehensive audit trail to keep a record of the messages sent.

Focus on more important work outcomes while the Nimblex system will send all your reminders and notifications. These notifications will ‘just happen’ in the background and you never have to worry again about forgetting to send an important reminder.

Personalised entry portals for easy access.

When a user enters the Nimblex Platform, there may be key issues or report scenarios they wish to see at first glance. Nimblex landing portals can be configured to provide the correct visual reports and landing tables as needed.

Other useful features.

Take advantage of the toolbox of features that Nimblex provides to add greater depth and functionality to your system.

Electronic data stamp signatures.

The ability to press an approval button is subject to the user’s security and workflow settings. You can also make a physical signature within the eForm or use DocuSign – or any other similar technology – as a plugin.  This produces a clear audit trail for all the electronic signature mechanisms Nimblex offers, which further ensures compliance.

QR codes and barcodes to tag and track

Nimblex supports the generation of barcodes (EAN-13 and EAN-8). You would use this capability for tracking and managing real world objects such as assets, product items or samples. QR codes can be used to control the data that needs to be published.
These features offer a better connection between data and real world objects, giving you the ability to have better control over assets. equipment, etc.

Job and task scheduling to be ultra organised

The scheduling of assets or events can be planned, managed and tracked using Nimblex’s job scheduling calendar view.
This will make tracking jobs easier, save resources, increase productivity and ensure greater transparency. With Nimblex’s task scheduler, you do not have to use a separate external scheduling tool because Nimblex can take care of your end-to-end process story, which will include scheduling.

Images and video for the transfer of knowledge

Nimblex will cater for all your creative and visual needs through its capability to upload or embed videos and images into eForms. This is ideal for visual evidence or for use in training or induction. Adding videos into your eForms will help to instantly communicate a more compelling message to your user audience in a consistent way.

Mobile capability to work anywhere

Every Nimblex eForm can be activated as a desktop or mobile view. Nimblex is compatible with all Internet browsers.

Using Nimblex on your mobile or tablet is easy because the eForms will render to the screen layout of your handheld device.

Nimblex is a browser-based application and you will need online connectivity use it.

However, if you do wish to capture data using an offline capability then we can assist you with integrating to the QIN. This is a mobile app which is ideal for offline data capturing and seamlessly synchronising with your Nimblex online forms once connectivity is established.

This capability enables you to work with your Nimblex Platform at any time and anywhere. It is ideal for activities such as induction, incident reporting, job inspections, etc. Nimblex can capture and process your data from the field to the office.

Generate documents on the fly

Manually collating documents and letters can be time-consuming and a source of errors. Nimblex can automatically pre-populate the designated Word template with your information. This is great for contracts, letters, reports, etc. Once created, it can be exported as a PDF or MS Word doc and will lower your risk of rework and miscommunication.

Visitor portals for improved collaboration

Use Guest User accounts to give restricted system access to people outside your organisation, while having confidence that these users don’t have any more access than you explicitly grant them. This lets you retain the privacy, confidentiality and security of your system, while giving them a window into data that you need them to access.

Guest accounts can be used when you need to grant a user temporary access to a process, such as Vendor Management portals, Grant Submission portals, inductions, audit submissions or any user story where you may need a guest user to collaborate with you in a restricted Nimblex online environment.

It will significantly reduce the admin burden and time spent on tracking down submissions or required collaboration – this can now all happen online after being prompted by automated reminders and notifications. This capability will reduce the double handling of data and will save you time.

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