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We offer Federal Government solutions in:

  • Contract Management

Note that eBMS has the necessary experience to provide Nimblex Solutions up to ASD' PROTECTED level and to participate in IRAP assessment.

With a Nimblex solution, you can solve spreadsheet headaches and replace impractical off-the-shelf solutions, or old databases, with actual customised solutions that match your departments operational processes and workflow.

Our Clients

Federal Government Panels

Digital Transformation Authority (DTA)

The Cloud Services Panel has been established for the provision of Cloud Services. Suppliers can provide services to Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and other Entities specified in the Head Agreement. 

Primary Category: 81110000 - Computer Services

SON ID: SON2914302

Panel Publish Date: 13-Mar-2015

Panel Period: 30-Jan-2015 to 31-Mar-2019

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The IT Services Panel has been established for the provision of IT contract personnel on an as-required basis to deliver IT Services (Contract for Personnel) and/or specialist services through the engagement of an organisation to conduct specific activities (Contract for Services) in a number of categories of service.

Primary Category: 43200000 - Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications. 

Secondary Catgeory: 81110000 - Computer Services 

SON ID: SON3403954 

Panel Publish Date: 26-Jun-2017

Panel Period: 18-Feb-2017 to 17-Feb-2020

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