Custom Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Today’s manufacturers need streamlined systems to ensure efficiency and maximum productivity across their operations. Time-consuming manual processes, clunky spreadsheets and traditional databases just don’t cut it.

Our Customised Management Solutions help manufacturers take control of their processes and data by providing tailored business management applications that are simple to use yet powerful enough to manage varied and complex operational procedures and requirements.

Examples of solutions we've done within the manufacturing industry are:

  • Incident reporting,
  • Competency management,
  • Quote management,
  • Production scheduling
  • Quality control
  • Competency Management
  • Machine downtime tracking

Whether it be incident reporting, competency management, quote management, production scheduling or quality control - we can shape a solution to wrap around your manufacturing business' needs.

Benefits for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Package your competitive advantage - Manufacturing is highly competitive. You might have a unique way of managing your quality, raw materials, production or client engagements. Whatever that might be, Nimblex can help you to turn these processes into robust applications which will give you more control and greater consistency.
  • Lean and Six Sigma - Any process you may need to monitor in real time to control flows, trends or defects can be automated using Nimblex Platform. If you wish to have A3 reporting and visual dashboards in line with Lean principles, then Nimblex is the tool that can make this a reality for you.
  • SAP and Oracle Busters - We are picking up a trend that most manufacturers running their operations on SAP and Oracle find it very expensive.  For this reason, some of our manufacturing clients have curtail SAP or Oracle to serve as their core ERP solution, but then use Nimblex to 'fill in the gaps' (i.e. application gaps) were needed at a much more affordable investment cost.
  • User-friendly– Forget about clunky databases and manual spreadsheets. Your Nimblex solutions will be configured to not only fit your application needs but also to be intuitive and easy to use so that your staff will enjoy engaging with it.
  • Access on any device – PC, tablet or desktop. Use in the office, on the factory floor, or out on the road.
  • Adaptable– Shape to suit your workflow processes.
  • Real-time reporting – Information at your fingertips for real-time visibility into plant and business operations.
  • Integrate with existing systems - Inventory, Point of Sale, Accounting – Nimblex integrates seamlessly with any of your current management and production systems.

Case Studies / Clients

  • Twinings - Enquiry & Customer Feedback 
  • Michaelona - Stock Management
  • Bucher Municipal - Quality Assurance Management, Competency Management, Incident and Safety Management 
  • Jayco Caravans - Incident and Safety Management
  • Orora - Incident Management and Quality Management
  • Nexans Olex - Cable Management and Quotation Management
  • Synopsys (USA) - Contract Management

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