Custom Software for the Mining and Drilling Industry

There is less of a boom in the economy these days for the mining sector due to the slowdown in China and the fluctuation of commodity prices.  All this add pressures to budgets with a growing need to work smarter and achieve more with fewer resources.

This is where Nimblex makes a value-added contribution to our Mining and Drilling clients by automating the following type of processes:

  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • Client, Project and PLOD Management
  • Workshop and Asset Management
  • HR Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Training and Certification Management
  • CRM, Tender and Quote Management
  • Time Sheet Management

Benefits for the Mining and Drilling Industry

  • Fit the way your company wish to work - All our clients in this sector previously run their processes using spreadsheets and SharePoint with limited success. This was mainly due to their methods being highly unique, and they've operated with these means for a long time. Nimblex has robustly automated these processes, but most of all, their staff found it easy to work with what we've created due to the familiarity of the original process being well represented within their new Nimblex applications.
  • Helicopter Views for Executives – The dashboard reporting and visual representation of their data have made it easy for executives to see the big picture.  At the same time, Nimblex has empowered them to zoom into the source data down to record level on any of their dashboards. All this while enjoying the benefits of real-time reporting.

Case Studies / Clients

  • API - Procurement and Contract Management
  • Drillwest - Client Project and PLOD Management, Workshop and Asset Management, HR Management, Work Order Management, Training and Certification Management, CRM Tender and Quote Management, and Time Sheet Management