Custom Software for Not For Profits (NFPs)

At eBMS we are helping organisations within the not-for-profit (NFP) industry not only because we believe Nimblex is a good fit, but also because it matches with our values and intentions to help society.

Within this sector, we have helped organisations with the following solutions:

  • Procurement and Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Training Certification Management
  • HR Management
  • Incident and Safety Management


Benefits for the NFP and Charity Industries

    • Big System Features at Small Prices - Many of the NFP organisations need to keep their administration cost % per dollar received as low as possible while maximising the rest to benefit their beneficiaries.  The purchase of tier one software solutions (e.g. SAP and Oracle) are often out of their reach, forcing them back to spreadsheets and paper for managing processes.  Imagine the positive impact on productivity within NFP if they can have both, i.e. management solutions with lots of value-added features and secondly, gaining access to these solutions while paying affordable prices. This is where Nimblex is making a difference.  Not only do we offer NFP's robust and feature-rich solutions, but we also do it at an NFP discount giving you the lowest price possible for configuration and implementation services.


  • Start small - With our scalability and modular approach, NFP can start small by focussing on the critical solutions they might need to manage compliance, risks or operational activities better.


  • Reduce Risk - The NFP industry mostly works with the broader public as clients.  To have robust systems in place to ensure that compliance can be demonstrated should there be any incidents, complaints or service delivery enquiries are essential to be successful in holding the trust within donors and funding sources.   Nimblex makes it easy to manage compliance and risks while being ideal to demonstrate accordance with legislation or policies.


Case Studies / Clients


What Our Customers Say

“Nimblex has helped us to achieve a level of productivity and efficiency that we have never seen before.

The level of customisation and ease-of-use is second to none.

This has resulted in BCS having the ability to better contribute to our community.”

Julie Gorrell

Senior Advisor - People & Culture, Belconnen Community Service