Custom Software for the Retail Industry

The retail industry within Australia is constantly changing, due to consumer habits, globalisation and overseas competitors. 

Our current clients have benefited from the following solutions: 

  • Contract Management
  • Payment Tracking 
  • Warehouse Picking Error Management
  • Rebate Management

Although this sector has only used the above solutions, Nimblex does offer Procurement, Risk, Project and Asset Management solutions too.


Benefits for the Retail Industry

  • Management information on fingertips - Solutions can be configured to fit the search criteria and data structures needed to ensure that valuable data is quick and easy to locate for management decisions.
  • Demonstrated Compliance - A Nimblex solution improves an organisation's capability to demonstrate compliance with policies, laws and work procedures. Having a 'Nimblex robot' (i.e. application) deployed releases staff and prevented them from wasting time completing additional paperwork and registers to ensure the necessary compliance management.
  • Pro-active communication and improved accountability - The automated communication which includes reminders, escalations and notifications can be configured to ensure the correct people are informed all the time regarding the right information. The margin of error is smaller within these organisations, and the answer of 'I did not know' or ' I was not told' can be problematic once something goes wrong. Nimblex offers greater accountability and transparency as required for particular processes.


  • Direct Appliance Rentals - Contract Management and Payment Tracking