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Many councils have seen their budgets decrease, due to fixed council rates. This change affects all councils, but particularly those which are smaller in size and regionally located.

Our Nimblex Platform offers management applications to suit your council, without the need for writing code, long lead times and big budgets. With an extensive client base of councils already, Nimblex wanted to find a cost-effective option for all councils to use. We created one solution which can be shared by two councils, allowing the cost to be split. This can now be completed for Procurement, Contract, Risk, Incident, Claim and Project Management solutions. 

Using this new capability, Moira Shire Council and Benalla Rural City have joined together to achieve savings, by making use of a single Nimblex Procurement and Contract Management solution. 


Benalla Rural City


Moira Shire



  • All data still belongs to each separate council. It is only visible to that particular tenant - including core forms as well as supporting list data. This means that standard users within Benalla will just see the data belonging to their council. The same will apply to users from Moira.
  • Display names within the solution forms will include references to a specific council to allow differentiation.
  • Approval structures are based on the same set of rules, but with some differing parameters. Specifically: thresholds and the department structure used.
  • Form designs and permissions are standardised between councils - with some allowances for parameterisation at a tenant level.
  • Future changes to eform are approved by both Benalla and Moira Council.
  • Different users can see various data, entry portals and dashboards.


  • Reduced initial implementation costs - By using an existing system, Moira did not need to pay for and participate in a full system implementation process. There will always be some costs in making modifications to the existing system to support the new arrangement, but these should be substantially lower than otherwise. 
  • Pooling resources for changes - When legislation or policy change happens that affect more than one tenant, costs can be shared between each participant council. In another arrangement, these changes would require independent change processes and each client to pay for their distinct implementation. 
  • Improved regional cooperation - Teamwork between councils for example training, shared procurement and collaboration opportunities.

Flexibility vs Maintenance 

One of Nimblex's key advantages is the flexibility to make changes to suit the way your council functions. In a shared ownership arrangement, any changes to forms for Moira will affect forms for Benalla. It is possible for us to implement individual cases within forms. But this can be both complex and costly.

We would therefore recommend: 

      • Where at all possible the process followed by each council should be unified. 

Form designs will not be council specific:

  • They may import information that is council specific from a separate location. 
  • They may contain different input fields where needed.

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