If you are getting frustrated and worried when you hear the words “regulations, rules, safety, policies, reports, legislation, certifications and risk,” then a Nimblex platform might be just for you.

Ditch Your Spreadsheets

The pressure is on you to do more in your business with fewer resources.  Old fashioned spreadsheets or legacy databases can only slow you down or increase your risk exposure due to non-compliance.

You almost need a type of management system robot that can alert you when things are due, such as scheduled maintenance, tracking reports, incident alerts, etc. This would be so much simpler if your information systems fit the way you wish to work, compared to adjusting your operational processes to non-relevant management software.

Customised Software When One Size "Doesn't Fit All'

A Nimblex software platform quickly adapts to your operational needs, whatever challenges your tourism business faces, including:

  • Management of maintenance programs.
  • Keeping track of assets
  • Monitoring and tracking water samples
  • Task management and monitoring.
  • Cleaning checklists
  • …..and much more

Or, you may need more formal solutions like:

  • Contract Management
  • Hazard Management
  • Incident reporting and investigation management
  • HR management for staff and casuals.
  • ……and much more

Fully Customisable Management Software

Nimblex is a web-based software platform that forms the foundation upon which we build similar solutions. Using our ‘drag and drop’ configuration tool, we configure systems that are relevant to the way you wish to work.  What we offer is not only fully customisable, highly flexible and mobile friendly, but it comes with a broad set of value-added (i.e. brilliant) features that will help you.

Use On All Types of Devices

Your solution for a tourism type business can be efficiently designed and without the need for writing code (which can bring another set of headaches!). Nimblex can be used on iPads, laptops, even mobile devices, as well as desktops. This allows your staff to maintain their mobility while providing real-time updates.

The beauty of this is that you can start super small with a ‘toe in the water investment’. There’s no need to break the bank! Two clients who have already experienced the indisputable benefits offered by our Nimblex Platform is  Australian Tourist Park Management and North Coast Holiday Parks.

Perfect for Multiple-Site Tourist Parks

Nimblex is also ideal for tourist parks with multiple sites. You will get in-depth knowledge of how every website is performing and can identify any areas that require additional management focus.

Your Nimblex Management Platform needs never to go out of date, because it can easily be expanded with new modules, allowing your management staff to remain on top of ever-changing business conditions, no matter how many sites you operate.

Replace your spreadsheet headaches, impractical off-the-shelf solutions, or old databases, with actual customised solutions that match your business processes and workflow. 


  • KPI Tracking
  • Customised workflows
  • Data security
  • Online access, on any device
  • Online form builders
  • Integration with external data and systems
  • Centralised Management system
  • Flexible Reporting
  • And many more

With our Nimblex Platform, you know that your management staff will be able to effectively and efficiently manage your business as it continues to grow, no matter how many sites you expand to, and without requiring massive changes of your administrative team.


Case Studies / Clients

    • ATPM - HR Management, Incident and Safety Management, Contract Management, Operational Management, and Financial Reporting


What Our Customers Say

“Our 28 Holiday Parks all over Australia are now more productive and effectively ‘talk to each other’ - thanks to the robust, tailored and flexible centralised Nimblex system that enables all our staff to gain access to real-time information, no matter where they are. It has also saved us significant time across the organisation by streamlining and automating processes, eliminating double handling and giving us one source of business truth. The team at eBMS are great to deal with, nothing is too much trouble and they really know their stuff.”

Chris Beaumont

Chief Information Officer, ATPM