Nimblex supports low cost custom integration to any system with an available Web or .NET API, or via the filesystem when an automated extract can be arranged. Depending on your requirements and budget we can provide varying levels of integration with Nimblex.

API Based

For true seamless integration, we have implemented connectors with several software products. This requires intricate knowledge of the other system and may require obtaining assets of another Vendor to do.

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On an hourly or daily basis we can pull data in from another system, or output our data in a format to be pulled in to another system.

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Database Level

In situations where no API exists or to spare the cost of accessing resources from multiple vendors, we can link straight into the database of other software to provide synchronisation.

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By Reference

For some clients, all they need is a place to record an identifier for a document in another system. For these simpler requirements, it is very simple to add a custom field into a form.

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Nimblex features a plugin API that allows us to add customer specific functionality at a low cost and connect it in seamlessly with your Nimblex forms.

The Future

We are actively expanding the base of pre-built integrations, with a current focus on improved integration with EDRMS software.