Presented by the Honourable Arthur Sinodinos AO, Senator for NSW, eBMS was announced as a winner at the Consensus Software Awards on the 17th December 2014 at the University of Sydney.

After being thoroughly reviewed by an independent panel of 9 prominent industry leaders, our Nimblex product was described by them as:

  • a data management system on steroids which allows custom designed systems to be created by decision makers to suit their way of working;
  • Nimblex responds to real-work issues for companies by including advanced features;
  • The product has great potential to bridge the gap between designing complex & expensive solutions and home-grown, error-prone spreadsheet solutions.

We want to thank all our existing clients, industry partners, staff and families who have made it possible to achieve this milestone of recognition. Received with so much gratitude, eBMS is now even more dedicated to keep delivering innovative and quality process solutions helping organisations to do more with less through the use of our Nimblex Platform.

Judges’ Citations

The judges were impressed with the innovative way that eBMS has developed their Nimblex platform which may be described as a data management system on steroids. Despite being very powerful, the user experience allows custom-designed systems to be created by decision makers to suit their way of working.

Typical Nimblex customers have attempted to automate their internal systems using GoogleDocs, Spreadsheets, Word documents, etc. and found it difficult to manage version control, user access rights, and data validation. Traditional solutions to this problem have been to hire expensive consultants and programmers or to purchase an off-the-shelf solution and change company processes. Nimblex provides a third alternative by simplifying and speeding up the coding processes so that more time is spent on defining the process (typically 40%) ensuring that the solution is fit for purpose. Further the design interface allows individuals within companies to create and modify their solutions as business needs change and expand in the future.

The development team have responded to real-world issues for companies when designing their product by including advanced features. The first example is allowing temporary staff to impersonate those staff who are away while still logging activity to the correct staff member to provide a complete audit trail. A second example is participating in the IRAP assessment to prove compliance to the Australian Signals Directorate Information Security Manual protocols.

The judges were impressed by the range of companies already using the solution and encourage the very energetic and inspiring Managing Director, Bert Myburgh, to seek to extend Nimblex’s reach within each organisation as well as within each market sector. We felt that the product has great potential to bridge the gap between designing complex, expensive solutions and home-grown, error-prone spread-sheet solutions. We are delighted to confer the Consensus 2014 Software Award on eBMS and look forward to seeing great success from this company in the future.

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