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  • Minimise Your Dependence on Spreadsheets
  • Digitise a Paper-based System
  • Replace a SharePoint Solution
  • Build Your Own Custom Solution with Extensive Flexibility
  • Replace Your Existing Solution with one that Better Fits Your Requirements
  • Make Use of Mobile Devices

That's Our Nimblex Platform

Nimblex uses configuration tools combined with a wide variety of innovative features to create best fit management applications.


Flexible and easy to shape
to your requirements

Drag and Drop

Drag-and-Drop Configuration
No Code Writing Necessary

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Nimblex (TM)


A Best Fit Application for Your Business

All on the Same Configurable Platform

All Interconnected

Standardising User Rules

Sharing Reports

Consistency of Use

What's in it for You?

Faster ROI and Benefits Realisation

Easy to Scale Up

Easy to Manage and Maintain

Longer Lifespan

Easy Integration

Nimblex (TM)

All in the One Platform

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