Why create a tailored application or automate a process?

Free e-books explaining what you can achieve in your workplace by seeking greater automation or application enablement.

Process Improvement

These e-books aim to help you through the journey of process improvement, a key first step towards automating your business. Once you’ve improved upon your existing processes, you’ll be ready to move on to our process automation resources. These will help you lay the groundwork for optimising and automating your company's procedures.

Process Automation

You may found yourself in a position where you need to participate in or lead a project to automate a process or to create a new management application. These guides seek to give you some place to start, especially if you wish to use Nimblex technology to achieve your goal.

Introductory Videos

These videos tackle some of the higher levels concepts that Nimblex covers.

Creating Your Own Reports

This series of videos is dedicated to helping users understand how they can create their own reports using the systems built in tools.

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