Kill Contract Management Paperwork Before it Kills You

The more contracts your organisation has, the more complex the paperwork becomes. The seeming unending amount of paperwork, arch-lever files and discrepancies between departments is enough to drive the most level-headed manager to the edge of a very tall building!

It’s time to kill the paperwork before it kills you.

Does this eBook Apply to You?

  • Do you have to search through multiple hard drives and filing cabinets for contracts?
  • Do compliance and governance requirements ‘drives you nuts’?
  • Do you handle large contracts well, but tend to have less control with smaller quotations and contracts?
  • Do you spend hours pulling together data to report the status on your various contracts?
  • Do non-compliance issues keep you awake at night?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you’re in need of the ebook in front of you.

Client Testimonials

“eBMS Nimblex has increased and improved our efficiency by more than 40% and we are much better organised as a department.”

Aven Eddington, Principal OHS Consultant, Frankston City Council

“We are experiencing a high return of value for our Nimblex investment.”

Corinne Farley, Contracts Coordinator, Macedon Ranges Shire Council

“eBMS has created a solution to best fit our budget and functional requirement.”

Graeme Gilmore, Procurement Manager, Central Goldfield Shire Council

Death by a Million Papercuts
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