It is SIMPLE to achieve success

A proven project and delivery methodology which is SIMPLE and practical for the delivery of your project.

There are a number of project management or application building methodologies out there. Due to the flexibility of our Nimblex Platform and the easy way of application configuration, we created a new game plan for the successful delivery of client projects.

Our methodology is called S.I.M.P.L.E and combines elements of the well known Agile methodology with good project management principles.

The SIMPLE acronym and the activities related to each stage are explained as follows:

S Scope

Kick-off meeting
Completing a Project Charter
Documenting high-level requirements.

I Interview

The design and build of a prototype. This is one of our most important advantages, our capability to configure prototype applications in a rapid way which helps our clients to gain the necessary clarity. to building rapid capability for the configuration of an application prototype before we go into a production phase.

Interviewing the client by using the prototype as a reference point to validate requirements, expectations and desired outcomes.

M Mastermind

The outcomes of the Interview Stage are then documented in this phase as detailed requirements and functional specifications.

P Production

This is where we use aspects of the Agile methodology to produce your application by doing it over three iterations.

L Launch

This phase include training, UAT and whatever is needed to ensure that the go-live of your application is a success.

E Evaluation

The next three months after the go-live date is a critical period. We offer you a 3 months warranty on your solution and we monitor the uptake of your application to ensure you realise the benefits youve expected.

The above is based on our idea of putting the user first, thinking big, starting small and iterating quickly with complete transparency and agility.

Keep It Simple