Nimblex Platform

Proven, off-the-shelf Contract Management software to suit your needs.

Our standard system allows you to achieve strong compliance requirements, while allowing you to shape and change your solution to suit you and your organisation.

Start with a simple Contract register, or implement the full compliance package.

Nimblex features a complete audit trail of all user activity, as well as sophisticated reporting to provide transparency and control for managers.

We commonly provide this system integrated with Procurement Management.


The standard home screen


To the left is a high level overview of our standard Contract Management system, with some key aspects highlighted.

You can use our standard model, or customise your own system.

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You've heard the basics, now let's look a bit deeper at our standard Contract Management solution.

Remember that no two Nimblex systems are the same, and that any part of this system can be changed to suit you.

Contract Establishment

Your employees will be walked through required activities for establishing a new Contract. By making life easy for users, we improve engagement and compliance.

You will be able to:

  • Status tracking / reporting
  • Document preparation and generation
  • Tracking of negotiation
  • Communication logging
  • Checklist of required activities
  • Approvals and sign-offs as needed
  • Attach final contract documents
  • Optionally linked to Vendor Management

Contract Management

All the tools you need for tracking and managing a Contract during its lifecycle are available. Automated reminders for key dates will make sure that nothing gets lost. Upcoming expiry dates will be highlighted on your home screen.

You can manage, measure and track vendor performance, and make sure your OHS/WHS obligations are met.

Feel free to start small, and scale up as your needs change.

Tools available include:

  • Full contract life-cycle
  • Sub-contractors
  • Insurance
  • Securities
  • Risk management
  • Timeline
  • Variations
  • Financial tracking
  • Payment schedule
  • Task tracking
  • Communication logging
  • KPIs
  • Performance management
  • Extensions

Contract Closure

Manage the completion and final handover of a project, including post-completion activity like warranty tracking and final completion payments.

Never forget these key dates (often many months after completion) with automated reminders.

Your solution covers:

  • Warranties
  • Insurance
  • Securities
  • Completion
  • Final Handover

You can decide to:

Integrate with your other Nimblex systems:


Integrate with your financial system:

  • Standard nightly csv file synchronisation
  • Custom synchronisation plugins
  • See: Integration to learn more


Change whatever you want:

  • Forms
  • Workflow
  • Approval process
  • Reports
  • See: Custom to learn more