Is This Your Workplace?

  • "We are tired of trying to conform our business to off-the-shelf software"
  • "We have a paper heavy process with a numerous different participants."
  • "Staff members often waste time looking for forms, reports and related documents."
  • "There’s a lot of manual duplication of data and multiple spreadsheets."
  • "Our processes have outgrown the use of spreadsheets."
  • "Our SharePoint solutions are driving us nuts."
  • "We have an old database application that is no longer fitting our needs."
  • "Our old enterprise system is too expensive to replace and we are exploring ways to use data better."
  • "We have data spread out across multiple silo systems making it difficult to report on, to locate it and to integrate."

Our Custom Software Clients

The drawbacks of traditional custom solutions:

  • It requires a hefty upfront investment
  • It can be risky - you don't always get what you expected
  • There is no user community to interact with
  • You can’t return the software if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Changes can be costly and problematic
  • Slow to accommodate changing business needs

…but this is not the case with Nimblex custom solutions.

You Dream It, We Create It

Nimblex is an easy to use web-based platform which comes with a unique built-in configuration tool that renders it as flexible as playdough. This unique 'drag & drop' configuration tool dramatically reduces the cost involved in creating a custom solution.

Drag and Drop

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We Don't Code - We Configure

We have taken the concept of configuration to the next level, giving you:

  • Solutions that can be created without coding
  • Unprecedented customisation to work the way you want to
  • Greater affordability and lower risk
  • Quick delivery
  • Improved efficiency
  • The ability to configure your own solutions in future
  • Features such as workflow, business rules, dashboard reporting, audit trails, automated communication, document creation, etc.

We Can Offer You:

  • Sales reporting tools
  • KPI dashboard solutions
  • Unique operational solutions
  • Job specific CRMs
  • Application Management Systems
  • Rental Management Systems
  • Rebate solutions
  • Asset management

Our Clients Say

List of Clients and Case Studies

  • AFL SportsReady - Recruitment Management 
  • ATPM - Operational Management & Financial Reporting
  • Belconnen Community Service Inc - Training Management
  • Burglar Liquid Waste - Order Management
  • City of Wodonga - Vendor Management
  • Direct Appliance Rentals - Client Rental / Lease Management
  • Drillwest - Workshop & Asset Management, Work Order Management, Training and Certification Management, CRM Tender and Quote Management, and Time Sheet Management.