Sound Familiar?

Do you manage various grant programs across different service areas, cost centres, communities and agencies? You have the responsibility to:

  • Manage the contractual obligations between your organisation and the grant sponsor.
  • Keep track of spending of grant funds.
  • Comply with reporting deadlines to your grant sponsor.

You may have looked at some grant management programs on the market, but they do not correctly represent the way you wish to work or comply with your Grant Management Policy. Currently, you are back in using spreadsheets or some old database to manage all the aspects relating to Grants.

Grant Management Flowchart

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This is precisely where Nimblex Grant Management will help you to manage Grants the way you wish to work while experiencing more control and transparency as needed.

Our solution is more focus on the compliance and governance of how grants are being managed once the funding is secured to ensure the best value for money. Our configuration capability makes it easy to bring in any additional aspects of your unique process story relating to the management of grants.

It is ideal for organisations which obtain substantial grant funding from grant sponsors such as government, funding partners or philanthropical institutions.

Our solution will help you to

  • Always stay pro-active with your reporting responsibilities and deadline obligations to Grant Sponsors.
  • Track end and start dates of grant funding contracts from Grant Sponsors.
  • See the big picture of how your grant funding is spent on various programs.
  • Monitor the progress of these programs, their KPIs and how they are tracking with achieving outcomes.
  • Control the payments across various cost centres.



Search and Track Head Agreements and Programs

Search and track the critical elements of all your head agreements and the programs which get funded by it. This will include all the essential information and documentation related to direct contracts and programs. Nimblex will trigger escalations, track various decisions while offering a secure audit trail to ensure transparency and good governance throughout the process.  

Salvation Army Grant Management

Monitor Program Progress

As part of your program, you can track service plans, activities, payments and KPIs. This will be different for each organisation due to various management demands, policy frameworks and organisational structures. With this in mind, it is more beneficial for a team to implement a configured and tailored solution using Nimblex. The result will be the best fit solution to your unique situation to track and manage your grant application and delivery processes effectively. In the end, your grant managers will spend less time formatting spreadsheets and more time inspecting the delivery of programs while knowing their Nimblex solution takes care of all their compliance issues. 

Monitoring and Reporting

Use various display tables, charts and filters to keep track of:

  • Grant contracts, their variations and key dates.
  • The sources and value of funding received.
  • The financing and tracking of various programs.
  • The KPI delivery of programs.

Remember, all of this will be configured to match your reporting and monitoring requirements. Click here to see more about Nimblex's reporting and tracking capabilities.

Contract Program Funding Reports