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Manage your employees all in one place with our proven, off-the-shelf Human Resource Management software. Our standard system allows you to achieve substantial compliance requirements while enabling you to shape and change your solution to suit your business. Nimblex features a complete audit trail of all user activity, as well as well as sophisticated reporting to provide transparency and control for managers.

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Human Resources Highlevel

To the left is a high-level model of our standard Human Resource Management solution.

Customise our model to suit your business.


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You've heard the basics, now let's look a bit deeper at our standard Human Resources solution.

Remember that no two Nimblex systems are the same, and that any part of this system can be changed to suit you.

Employee Records

Our customisable system lets you keep all aspects of Human Resource Management in one place. Permissions restrict visibility to only those staff with a legitimate business need, ensuring confidentiality of sensitive information. Recruitment and onboarding processes are tracked, and compliance assured.

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Learning
  • Compliance checks
  • Position Descriptions
  • Employee database

Employee Self-Service

Employees can provide direct input into the system, without the cost of manual and paper-based processes. This includes leave requests, absentee information, timesheets, induction and participate in the performance review process.

With our flexible software, you can add any additional employee input that might be required.

  • Leave requests
  • Absenteeism
  • Employee objectives
  • Performance reviews
  • Induction
  • Employee detail changes

Performance Reviews

Document and evaluate employee performance, according to your performance review policies. Use our customised performance evaluation component to help improve and maintain the productivity of your team.

  • Flexible competency module
  • Capture and align objectives and performance measures
  • Employee feedback
  • Create best practices
  • Create evaluation schedules
Performance Review

You can decide to

Integrate with your other Nimblex systems:

Integrate with other systems:

  • Standard integration plugins
  • Standard file-based synchronisation
  • Custom sync plugins
  • See: Integration to learn more

Change whatever you want:

  • Forms
  • Workflow
  • Approval process
  • Reports
  • See: Custom to learn more