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Control every aspect of your Project with our off-the-shelf Project Management software.

It is difficult to run projects using spreadsheets and project plans without a good Project Management software tool. Nimblex will help you to capture, analyze and to make decisions about single projects or a portfolio of projects.

Our standard system allows you to track a project and its components all the way through its lifecycle, while allowing you to shape and change your solution to suit your business needs. Nimblex features a complete timeline based on the milestones of each project, as well as sophisticated reporting to provide transparency and control for project managers.

Project Management

The Standard Home Screen

Project Management Solution

Project Management Process Diagram

To the left is a high level process flow diagram of our standard Project Management system.

Customise our model to suit your business. The fact is that there are many Project Management Software products on the market offering different frameworks with various project methodologies. The flexibility of the Nimblex Platform offers you the opportunity to have a project management solution that is configured and customised to fit the 'project management story' within your organisation. It offers the features and capabilities to allow teams to collaborate, including tasks, issues, risks, action items, roles and responsibilities, etc.

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You've heard the basics, now let's look a bit deeper at our standard Project Management solution. Remember that no two Nimblex systems are the same, and that any part of this system can be changed to suit you.

Initiate A Project

The solution is simple enough to use with limited training, allowing a project manager to initiate a project and outline its objectives and timeline.

Initiate Project

Project Timeline

Project Managers can easily set up their project timeline which can be referred to through out the entire project and modified as needed

  • Easy to follow
  • Your assessment process
  • Your risk matrix
  • Optionally link to Contracts Module

Project Management Solution

Analyse existing projects, and explore risks and budgets. Raise corrective actions for staff, and feel comfortable that nothing will be forgotten with our automated reminders and escalation.

Each business unit has a clear visibility of their tasks and actions required. A simple process exists to re-assign tasks and actions from one staff member to another and a clear audit trail is left. Actions follow the workflow you require, using our robust workflow system.

The Project Management Office (PMO) or senior management can easily see the 'big picture'. Projects can be rolled-up into multiple portfolios to track and show progress as needed.

Our standard reports also include overdue tasks, top risks and the flexibility to report on anything else you might want to monitor.

Key information will be highlighted on your home screen.

  • Risks for each project
  • Risks that need attention
  • Project Overview
  • Cost Actual vs. Budget
  • Manhours Actual vs. Budget


You can decide to

Integrate with your other Nimblex systems:

Integrate with other systems:

  • Standard integration plugins
  • Standard file-based synchronisation
  • Custom synchronisation plugins
  • See: Integration to learn more

Change whatever you want:

  • Forms
  • Workflow
  • Approval process
  • Reports
  • See: Custom to learn more


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