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Limit your risk exposure with our proven, off-the-shelf Risk Management software. Our standard system allows you to achieve substantial compliance requirements while enabling you to shape and change your solution to suit your business. Nimblex features a complete audit trail of all user activity, as well as sophisticated reporting to provide transparency and control for managers. We commonly offer this system integrated with WHS/OHS Incident and Hazard reporting.

To the left is a high level process flow diagram of our standard Risk Management system.

Customise our model to suit your business.


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Integrate with your other Nimblex systems:

Integrate with other systems:

  • Standard integration plugins
  • Standard file-based synchronisation
  • Custom synchronisation plugins
  • See: Integration to learn more

Change whatever you want:

  • Forms
  • Workflow
  • Approval process
  • Reports
  • See: Custom to learn more

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