A message from eBMS Director, Bert Myburgh

This is a message to the eBMS community to let you know that the staff at eBMS is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and we are committed to working with you through these uncertain times. At this stage there is no reason to believe that there will be any impact on the services we provide.

eBMS has transitioned fully to a work-from-home arrangement and Nimblex itself has been a powerful tool in this shift, as we can do most of our work online. The good news is that eBMS is used to working remotely for the delivery of projects and support services. As a business, we are technically well set-up for our staff to work remotely without having any delays in client deliverables. eBMS is able to sustain this situation for whatever time period is needed.

With this in mind, we would like to communicate the following:

Clients with work in progress:

  • We will be available on phone, email and through Zoom (our video conferencing tool) for meetings.
  • There is no foreseeable reason from our side to delay project deliverables, but we will work with you to best accommodate the effect of your organisation's arrangements on your project timelines.
Clients with live systems:
  • There is no disruption to eBMS support services and availability of technical staff.
  • All aspects to data security, back-ups and hosting arrangements will function as normal.
  • eBMS does not foresee any impact or disruption to your system’s functionality and the delivery of support services by us.
  • Please follow the normal procedures for support as per: Field Guide: Support.

Let us know if you need any specific information relating to your particular engagement with eBMS because of COVID-19.

The health and safety of our clients, our employees and our community are our priority and we thank you for working together to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19. We believe we can achieve this and keep eBMS open for business with your support.

We are part of a community, of clients and users of Nimblex, and a part of Australia and the world. In our new normal where we cannot visit you for the time being, we would like to open our doors (online) and share with you a bit more about our journey, our people, our software and our processes.

To this end, we have started a blog, that you can read here: Business As Usual. The first post is a short story of how Nimblex came to be, with the second coming shortly that will tell you a bit about the upcoming Nimblex 6. Some posts will also be interest posts for the technical (and not-so-technical) among us to learn about the inner workings of the platform.

We have confidence that as a community, country and a world together we will make it through this emergency.

There will be some trying times ahead for all of us, but we will come through this together.

Kind regards

Nimblex is Australia’s most flexible and feature rich web-based software platform.

We work with business operators, corporate managers, and government department executives to create business management solutions that fit their exact requirements, without the need for code writing, extensive lead times or big budgets.

Managers look to Nimblex when:

  • They're frustrated with ‘cast in concrete’ software applications that are inflexible and do not fit their preferred way of working.
  • They're spending crazy amounts of money on applications that are not part of the ‘original module set’ of their tier one ERP solution.
  • Spreadsheet applications and paper registers are driving them nuts and they wish to have more robust systems.
  • They're looking for an easy way to automate various business processes and work activities.
  • They're searching for a truly integrated platform that combines workflow, dashboard reporting, automated reminders, and a host of other features.
  • They’ve had it with juggling multiple silo solutions that do not share data with each other and are looking for one platform that will handle everything.
  • They're continually worried about their organisation’s compliance and audit obligations.
Nimblex offers a range of flexible Management Solutions including Procurement, Contract, Risk, Safety, Quality Assurance, Grant, and Vendor Management. These solutions may fit your needs 50%, 75% or even 90% out of the box, but then we’ll configure the rest to give you a ‘best fit solution’ every time. Or you could start from a blank canvas and allow us to create a truly unique Custom Solution tailored specifically for you.

Our Clients

One System. Countless Possibilities.

Have we mentioned how flexible our software is? Here are some of the benefits and features that our clients love the most...


Nimblex Software Solutions will mould around you and your organisation. We offer off-the-shelf solutions which may fit 50%, 75% or 100% of your requirements, the remainder can be customised.


Cost Effective

Nimblex is a cost-effective software solution. We cater to your budget. To put it into perspective we can build you a bike or a sports car.



Choosing a Nimblex Solution is a low-risk option. We have a large client base, covering multiple industries: Financial Services, Government, Manufacturing, etc. We have never lost a client due to user issues.


Reminders and Scheduled Tasks

Events can trigger email notifications, trigger workflow actions, and a wide variety of other actions.


Reporting and Dashboards

Use our report creation tools to build standard reports to share between staff, and allow users to create their own reusable report profiles. We can tailor build Reports and Dashboards to meet users needs at any level of the organisation.


Drag-and-Drop Capability

Nimblex offers drag-and-drop assembly of forms and systems using our unique eForm Designer. We build all our systems using these configuration tools, so even our off the shelf systems offer huge amounts of customisation.


Workflow Features

We don’t pretend to have a single ‘workflow’ feature, but rather a suite of features that work in concert to support your workflow. Our workflow rules can be completely customised to suit client needs.


Restricting and Controlling Access

Our security systems give you a lot of control of who can access what. This extends to Guest accounts that are specifically designed to safely give access to a subset of your system, without the risk of your data escaping.


5 Star Support Promise

Our team at eBMS includes Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Software Developers who are extremely dedicated, capable and masters of their craft. We will respond to your enquiry within one business day.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the following companies: