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Flexible, low-code procurement & operations software.

Fast, flexible business process management solutions to digitise, automate and optimise your procedure story.

Since 2010, Nimblex has been creating software that automates paper processes and spreadsheets using low-code development and configured workflow solutions.

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  • Flexible Templates
  • Total Security
  • Transform

Providing peace of mind

  • Automated workflow
  • Automated email communication and reminders
  • BI reporting (e.g. dashboard and charting reports)
  • Business rule scheduling
  • Clear audit trail

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Data Encryption

All data stored in our Azure data centres is encrypted at rest to safeguard our clients’ data.

Data is encrypted using a symmetric encryption method and keys are stored in an encryption key vault in Azure to limit access.

Azure Active Directory is used to provide only limited access to keys to specific services and users.

  • A symmetric encryption key is used to encrypt data as it is written to storage. This uses AES256 security to ensure its integrity.
  • That key is used to decrypt that data in memory for use.
  • Keys are stored in an Encrypted Azure Managed Key Vault.

Painless Digital Transformation

  • Embrace technology to digitise your business (no more spreadsheet nightmares).
  • Be competitive in an online, digital world.
  • Use integrated cloud technology.
  • Make informed business decisions with real-time data and reporting.
  • Enjoy mobility with web-based solutions; any time, anywhere.

Client Success Stories.

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Bucher Municipal is a world-leading supplier of municipal vehicles…

City of Wodonga – Multiple Solutions

City of Wodonga is strategically placed between Melbourne…

Melbourne Airport – Contract Management Solution

Greater compliance and visibility of contract policies and processes.

Our drag-and-drop low-code design makes our platform quick to build.

We understand not everyone has years to develop a business solution to improve efficiency and productivity. That’s why we don’t rely on hand-coding to meet your requirements.
We love how clever Nimblex is.

The implementation of our Nimblex system has seen a vast improvement in our organisation’s intelligence through process efficiencies and business reporting. The product was custom designed around our critical processes, is user friendly and most customisation, including day-to-day improvements to the system, can be performed by an internal employee. This is incredibly beneficial given the frequently changing environment we operate in.

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