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The Ultimate Guide.

Start with the Right Questions to Get to the Right Answer

Asking lots of questions takes time and effort. But not asking questions, particularly as you embark on selecting the right contract management system, is a deadly mistake.

Instead of increasing productivity, streamlining your business processes and improving overall governance, the wrong solution will only serve to increase frustration, decrease efficiency and waste your valuable money and time. With many years of experience in this field, we have the rare perspective that only on-the-ground experience affords. And now we’re offering it to you.

Before Selecting a New Contract Management System, Ask Yourself…

  • Can you flex the system around the way you wish to work?
  • Does it have the ability to integrate with other systems?
  • Does it offer calendar and email integration features?
  • Will it be easy for your organisation to embrace and use?
  • Can it automate all reminders?
  • Can you safeguard all highly confidential information with a strong network and data security?
  • Will it help you to achieve financial probity, meet statutory obligations and improve transparency and accountability?
  • Is it affordable – not just now – but later when more customisations are required?

To access the rest of this critical checklist, download the free ebook available.

Client Testimonials

“Nimblex has increased and improved our efficiency by more than 40% and we are much better organised as a department.”

Aven Eddington, Principal OHS Consultant, Frankston City Council

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