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Ambulance Victoria Procurement & Contract Management.

Project Overview

Ambulance Victoria is an emergency service that prides itself on giving patients the right care at the right place at the right time.

They provide pre-hospital treatment and ambulance transport for people in urgent medical emergencies, and draw upon our clinical expertise and experience to help resolve less-urgent medical issues. Responding to more than 840,000 emergency and non-emergency cases, and transports more than 660,000 patients by road or air each year.

Nimblex Solution: Procurement and Contract Management


As a result of a contract system audit it was recommended to Ambulance Victoria that they initiate a project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Procurement and Contract Management within the department.

The aim of the project was to deliver a Procurement and Contract Management Solution (supplied by Nimblex) to improve departmental business processes for the effective administration of goods and services supply contracts.

Ambulance Victoria were therefore looking for a solution with a logical flow, flexibility, accountability and with the appropriate notifications and approvals to shape around the areas which they felt needed greater emphasis within their Procurement and Contract Management system.


  • Nimblex tailored a unique Procurement and Contract Management Solution successfully, as per their procedural requirements and government compliance standards.
  • The solution is easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to comply with all the department’s unique process and workflow requirements and their government audit responsibilities.


  • All compliance, reporting and notification issues relating to the management of their Procurement and Contracts are successfully managed in one place i.e. their Nimblex Solution.
  • Improved reporting can be done through pre-configured reports and any non-compliance issues are immediately sent to the appropriate level of management for action.

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