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Thursday November 5, 2020

Digital Answer to Meetings and Actions Management .


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Why we developed the Compact Meetings and Actions Solution

We like the phrase, “eating from your own restaurant” when it comes to our software. Where needed, we use the solutions we develop, and it is a good way to make sure an application is at its best when we present it to clients.

A Digital Answer

The journey to the Compact Meetings and Actions solution was born out of our need to have a way to manage and track meetings, both internal and external ones. We turned our frustrations with scheduling and tracking meetings into a neat digital answer, and were so pleased with the result, we decided to offer it to others.

Organising Working-From-Home Meetings

Especially with multiple attendees working from home, we found that having a way to schedule and follow-up meetings, and the resultant actions, is extremely useful.

What do you Need in a Meetings and Action Application?

The feature list grew from our own needs, which we have found to be common to most organisations, and this Nimblex Compact Solution has proved to be a little powerhouse of functionality that we rely on for all meeting activities.

Beyond the obvious needs to schedule, send invitations and have automated reminders, the application provides agenda items and the relevant minutes associated with each item.

Once the meeting has finished, the minutes are written in the record against the agenda items and emailed out.

The Actions feature is a neat way to assign and track tasks, and the meeting records are filterable to individual preferences.

To add the finishing touches, the system is configurable and can be branded to each company’s corporate identity.

Have a look here for a more detailed look at what the Compact Meeting and Actions solution is all about.



We know that issues such add “governance”, “compliance” and “transparency” are pillars to any organization and preventing fraud is key to operations and public goodwill. Since the data is stored in a database, all information pertaining to meetings and actions is auditable in a secure digital record and is accessed on a permissions level.


For our clients who already have a Nimblex solution, the Meeting and Actions application perfectly integrates, and the records can be shared.

The Compact Solutions Concept

The Nimblex story started with custom-built business management solutions. As the systems matured, we began packaging them as Core solutions that are off-the-shelf systems that require only minor configurations for each client.

Now we are taking a step further and we are building Compact Solutions that are smaller, useful tools and are ready to go as is. As with our other products, the Compact Solutions are built using low-code development that makes creation fast and flexible thus enabling a perfect fit and rapid deployment.


The Compact Meetings and Actions solution is more than a scheduling app, it is a digital record of company discussions and decisions.

By Jeannie De Vynck

Jeannie De Vynck

What is Nimblex?

Created in Australia, Nimblex is a cloud-based integrated business management platform that will deliver the business process automation you need.

We configure Nimblex’s Core solutions using our unique low-code tool and a wide variety of value-added features. This gives the flexibility that enables us to automate any type of process, especially if compliance and transparency are non-negotiables.

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