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ATSE – Research & Funding Contract Management.

Project Overview:

The Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) is an independent body of more than 870 scientists and engineers seeking to enhance Australia’s prosperity through technological innovation. Founded in 1976, its aim is to recognise and promote the achievements of Australian scientists, engineers and technologists.

Nimblex Solution: Contract Management 


As an Industry Organisation, ATSE is responsible for delivering a research service to their industry. The successful outcome on research projects are dependent on the effective matching of Research Projects, Financial Sponsors and Research Contractors in a procedural correct way. These three entities then need to be contracted to each other while milestones, deliverables and other contractual obligations are managed.


Nimblex facilitated a discovery workshop to gain the correct objectives, requirements and expectations on the performance of the desired system. Nimblex then proceeded with the configuration and  implementation of a tailored Contract Management System as per their exact needs. Throughout the project, Nimblex was able to shape and fine-tune their solution as detail requirements become more apparent regarding workflow, data capturing, sign-offs and automated communication.


  • Streamlined and structure their workflow and management of research project contracts in a one centralised location with clear processes and procedures
  • Eliminating double-handling and reliance on spreadsheets
  • Greater transparency for the management of process status and contractor performance

Nimblex assisted us with planning and structure for our contracts register. Now with a good tracking system we are able to record, remind and report with ease. Excellent service received from the Nimblex team by turning ATSE’s complexity into simplicity. Thanks Nimblex.

Lynn Pagoda
Office Administrator and Project Support
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

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