EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

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Nimblex is a no-code, flexible business management software platform which is suitable for any company, no matter the size, industry or location. It offers unprecedented flexibility with a wide variety of innovative features.

Why should I partner with Nimblex?

By partnering with Nimblex, you benefit from our expertise and reputation. Together, we can build towards common goals, and in the end, we will both be rewarded.

Mirror you

Reflect your advice, knowledge and know-how in your client’s Nimblex solution thanks to Nimblex’s flexibility and customisation.

Earn residual and other income

We offer a variety of commissions, trailing fees and consulting invoice opportunities that will give you another stream of income.

A high dose of credibility

Nimblex is a proven product with great case studies, testimonials and references. It is trusted and used by a diverse portfolio of clients.

Cut through the clutter

To be competitive, consultants can no longer only provide advice or workshops – add a digital edge to your offering.

Access to marketing and sales collateral

We provide you with access to our marketing and sales collateral to help you source leads.

Join a winning team!

The Nimblex family is a strongly performing team who will train you from our industry experience and support you on the journey.

We partner with all industries.

IT Managers

Improve efficiencies and reduce manual data entry.

Procurement Managers

Meet compliance & improve team collaboration.

Safety Manager

Standardise workflows across departments.

Partner Options with Nimblex.

Being either a Referral or Reseller Partner with Nimblex has great potential to expand into ever-widening networks.

Referral Partner

Ideal for Consultants looking for minimal commitment.

Responsible for qualifying and registering leads with Nimblex.

Recommend Nimblex to provide post-sales support and services once a client is licensed.

Reseller Partner

Focus is on selling the Nimblex Solution, with a business model that focuses on reselling and providing pre-sale technical assistance.

Recommend Nimblex to provide post-sales support and services once your client is licensed.

Nimblex assisted us with planning and structure for our contracts register. Now with a good tracking system we are able to record, remind and report with ease. Excellent service received from the Nimblex team by turning ATSE’s complexity into simplicity. Thanks Nimblex.

Lynn Pagoda
Office Administrator and Project Support
Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

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