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Capital Region Community Service – Multiple Solutions.

Project Overview:

Established in 1975 by the people of Belconnen, Capital Region Community Services (previously Belconnen Community Service (BCS)) is a not-for-profit community organisation. It provides high quality integrated inclusive services to families, children and young people in the Belconnen Region. BCS supports their community through arts, leisure, recreation, fitness, volunteering and increasing community connections.

Nimblex Solution: Contract, Risk, Incident, HR, Training and WHS Management 


Being a not-for-profit organisation that centres on their community, BCS places utmost importance on ensuring that they are compliant, more organised in managing and keeping track of their diverse activities as well as maximising the funding and donations received.

BCS had relied heavily on multiple spreadsheets that limited their ability to perform comprehensive forecasting and reporting. Utilising numerous spreadsheets frustrated BCS staff as they tried to keep track of all their records. They realised that the opportunity to further improve their community services were limited by their current use of multiple spreadsheets.

To grow as an organisation and to continually work with community members, local organisations, and business to build a healthy active community, BCS needed to have more control over all their activities concerning HR, Risk, OHS and Grant Management.

However, being a not-for-profit organisation meant that BCS was limited by their financial ability yet needed to be as compliant as their commercial counterparts. BCS needed a system that would not only provide them with the flexibility of meeting their specific requirements in the short and long-term but also to provide them with the affordability desired.


Nimblex created a comprehensive Custom Solution tailored to BCS’s needs. This included Contract, Risk, Incident, HR, Training and WHS Management Solutions.  

The Custom Solution includes management of Grant Funding, allowing BCS to keep track of their funding sources, details, programs, searching for a pool of funders etc., all with the accessibility of an integrated platform.

Nimblex offered BCS the capability to have automated workflows and reporting, where they could access the Nimblex platform to log incidents/risk issues as well as operational checklists. They do this at their convenience through the use of their iPads, mobile devices, desktops and tablets, allowing them to gain greater mobility and keep critical records updated.

As a result of the integrated Custom Solutions, BCS was empowered to get real-time management information, quick reporting and improve compliance to deliver better services to their local community.


  • Better tracking and management of programs, funding sources etc
  • Quick reporting
  • Accessibility of an integrated platform
  • Greater mobility and real-time data at users convenience
  • Improve internal compliance
  • Lower the cost of their administration


Utilising Nimblex is contributing to the exceptional community service delivery by BCS, allowing them to lower their administrative costs and adding to a 40% improvement in productivity.

Staff are more efficient, spending less time navigating their way through spreadsheets and paper forms.  The flexible reporting capability within Nimblex allows them to spend more time on value-added activities to further a socially inclusive community.

The highly affordable Nimblex Custom Solutions enabled BCS to strengthen their community capacity and effect positive change through the maximisation of the funding and donations received. This better demonstrates to the Belconnen community and stakeholders the quality and value BCS is bringing.

No longer are they trapped behind spreadsheets and hindered by finances to grow, but are an outstanding example of how a not-for-profit organisation is still capable of ensuring that risks, activities, expenses and grants can easily be well-managed through the engagement of a highly affordable and robust Nimblex Custom Solutions.

Nimblex has helped us to achieve a level of productivity and efficiency that we have never seen before. The level of customisation and ease-of-use is second to none. This has resulted in BCS having the ability to better contribute to our community.

Julie Gorrell
Senior Advisor – People & Culture
Belconnen Community Service

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