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Benalla Rural City Council – Procurement & Contract Management.

Project Overview:

Benalla Rural City is a welcoming community in North East Victoria. Benalla Rural City is responsible for many services ranging from family and children’s services, waste management, community building and traffic management, to matters concerning business development, planning and ensuring accountability for Council’s budget. This broad range of community services and infrastructure supports the well being and prosperity of the community.

Nimblex Solution: Procurement and Contract Management


It was recommended that Benalla Rural City Council review their procurement and contract processes and procedures in order to make them more compliant in regards to accountability, transparency and reporting.

Managers were, therefore, looking for a solution with a logical flow, flexibility, accountability, and with the appropriate notifications and approvals to shape around the areas which they felt needed greater emphasis within their Procurement and Contract Management.

Council was looking to implement a new solution at a reasonable cost that was easy to use and compliant with their contract audit requirements.


Nimblex configured a Procurement and Contract Management Solution tailored to Benalla’s exact process and procedural needs.

The Nimblex solution is easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to comply with all council’s unique process and workflow requirements and their audit requirements.


All compliance, reporting and notification issues relating to the management of their Procurement and Contracts are successfully managed in one place: their Nimblex Solution.

They specifically requested a system similar to other Nimblex solutions which they had seen working in other councils which both incorporated their compliance requirements and their current work practices.

It is envisaged that the Nimblex Solution would be further developed to include other modules to further enhance the management solutions at Benalla.

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