EBMS Nimblex joins VendorPanel, creating a world class Source-to-Pay procurement suite

Benefits of Nimblex.

Transform your business, your way

The objective of any business improvement process is to become more profitable by working smarter. This is exactly what our Nimblex clients experience.

Increase productivity up to 40%

Free up valuable resources and reduce waste

Users express that they have more time available to spend on value-added activities and being pro-active. Why should highly qualified staff be trapped behind spreadsheets? A robust Nimblex application will set them free and allow them to add more to your organisation.

Eliminate key person risk

The over-reliance on key staff is a danger to any operation. Nimblex reduces this risk considerably by offering robust management applications that are not dependant on key personnel. If key people move on, your Nimblex solution will ensure continuity.

Strengthen compliance obligations

Automate any compliance process story with ease. This includes scheduling, data capturing, deviation calculations, escalations, reporting, etc. Nimblex will also provide you with the necessary proof and evidence to make any audit process a stress-free event.

Reduce operating costs

Regardless of the type of organisation, your operating cost is a killer. Increase output, accuracy and compliance without having to employ more staff. This is done through automating processes and creating management applications.

Self-maintenance and “Citizen Development”

We offer our clients training based on their desired level of self-maintenance., for example, knowing how to set up a workflow process. This enables them to have their own ‘self-service’ capability, thus saving money on support costs.

Reduce the cost spent on ERP solutions.

Most ERP solutions are expensive, especially if you’re looking to use additional modules or to automate a process that is not part of the original module. This is where Nimblex can save you money. By using Nimblex as a gap filler, you can integrate with these ERP solutions and provide a stronger variety of features and flexibility.

Enhance standardisation and increase profit margins.

The objective of any business improvement process is to become more profitable by working smarter. This is exactly what our Nimblex clients experience. Bright ideas from staff can be easily implemented through a change request, or even implemented by the client themselves thanks to Nimblex’s easy to use low-code configuration capability.

Maximise success rates with better uptake of users.

No need for a ‘big bang’, ‘all or nothing’ implementation with modules you won’t use. Nimblex allows you to start small and scale up over time as needed. This incremental approach helps to mitigate risks, while in the meantime your organisation enjoys maximum buy-in from users.

Low-Code Development.

Low-code development gives rapid, cost-effective solution creation and deployment. This method leaves room for innovative and flexible designs, and is highly adaptable thus facilitating perfect-fit solutions. It is an extremely agile system, i.e. it is future-proof and can quickly respond to change demands.

Increase equity value of your business.

No investor wants to buy into a business that is plagued by spreadsheets and key staff risks. This is especially true where clients have an accounting solution run in combination with a sea of spreadsheets.

By using Nimblex to ‘package’ your business into robust solutions, your organisation can ensure and demonstrate that all of your operating procedures are well automated.

In fact, the use of Nimblex contributed to one of our clients achieving a higher price during an acquisition because their operational systems were all well automated.

All solutions and pricing are centred around the client.

We offer an alternative to expensive custom software solutions that take a long time to develop and install.

Off-the-shelf standards meet Nimblex flexibility

Simple and cost-effective, yet powerful and feature-rich

A solution in as little as 4 to 6 weeks

Unprecedented flexibility; configured to your requirements

Configure don’t code with fast, flexible low-code development

Greater affordability with less risk

Reduce spending on future software with future-proof protection.

The adaptability of the Nimblex platform means that your solutions will always stay in step with your changing needs or new compliance requirements. Easily scale up with Nimblex by using it for other areas within your organisation.

Start with a Contract Management solution and then later add a Risk Management solution. You could then follow that up with a Quality Management solution, and they will all be integrated on the same Nimblex platform.

Offer staff a more consistent experience on the one system, rather than jumping between many different silo solutions that are not integrated with each other.

Accelerate the use of web and smartphone technology.

The roll out of the NBN and the increasing use of smartphones has changed the way organisations are operating.

Nimblex offers organisations an easy and cost-effective way to benefit from these changes in technology. By being web-based (cloud hosted), Nimblex makes remote working easy so you can work from anywhere, any time and are not restricted to physical office locations and hours.

The team at Nimblex has demonstrated their superior capability and responsiveness. They have successfully delivered a sophisticated and comprehensive Sourcing-to-Pay solution. With Nimblex, YVW is now equipped with a world-class solution that enables a world-class strategic procurement function.

Dominique Gibert,
Manager Procurement & Accounts Payable, Yarra Valley Water

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