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Bucher Municipal – ERP Gap Solutions.

Project Overview:

Bucher Municipal is a world-leading supplier of municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing operations on public and private roads and other traffic areas. Its range encompasses sweepers, winter maintenance equipment, as well as vehicles for refuse collection and sewer cleaning. Bucher Municipal vehicles offer efficient cleaning, ease of operation, low maintenance costs and excellent environmental compatibility, whatever the weather conditions. 

Nimblex Solution: Quality Assurance, Competency, Incident and Safety Management


  • A solution was required which would manage, track and assess individual competencies, to proactively identify training gaps and compliance issues.
  • The old system relied on time-consuming manual input into forms.
  • Implement the system on tablets for ease of use in the factory.
  • An improvement of the current workflow process for approvals and rework was required.


  • Nimblex tailored an extremely flexible Quality Assurance, Competency, Incident & Safety Management Solution successfully as per the ‘process story’ and procedural requirements.
  • Nimblex configured and delivered a mobile, flexible and user-friendly system which improved processes and increased workflow efficiencies, including approvals and reporting. The new Custom Solution also drastically reduced the number of competency forms that were originally envisaged.
  • The solution offered by Nimblex enables Bucher Municipal to self-manage their competency standards without ongoing involvement.


  • All competency assessments have now been centralised in one solution in real-time, which involves no manual reworking of forms.
  • Improved reporting can be done through pre-configured reports and alerts in the dashboard which automatically highlights expiring competencies and areas that require attention.
  • The use of the system on tablets has improved the administrative efficiencies on the factory floor. Individual employees now easily access their records to check their progress.
  • Every department within Bucher Municipal Australia has their own portals. 
  • Jason Tisbury has trained 7 employees, so they can create their own reports. 
  • Previously to get a due date for a customer, it would have taken on average 5 phone calls-now that information is readily accessible. 
  • Sales Department has greater visbility over the product slots, they can easily determine if a sale is tentative or confirmed. 
  • Senior Management now has full visibility over the Sales Department’s discounting amounts, this data led to a new discounting framework being implemented across the business. 
  • During executive meetings, everyone is able to see every shortage, the average shortage per truck and the no. of engineering issues per truck etc This helps raise issues within the business. 
  • Nimblex Solution assisted Bucher Municipal with their 2018 IS0 9001 audit upgrade to the new standard. Every single department referenced Nimblex during the audit. Normally Jason Tisbury is tied up the entire 5 days of the audit. In 2018, Jason Tisbury only had to spend 2 days with the auditor, the various departments within Bucher Municipal were able to fulfill the auditor’s requirements by themselves, as the software clearly shows how each department interacts with all of the departments at Bucher Municipal. 

The implementation of our Nimblex system has seen a vast improvement in our organisation’s intelligence through process efficiencies and business reporting. The product was custom designed around our critical processes, is user friendly and most customisation, including day-to-day improvements to the system, can be performed by an internal employee. This is incredibly beneficial given the frequently changing environment we operate in.

Claire Mortimer
Governance Coordinator
Northern Terriority PHN

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