Christmas is a Time to Give


This Kris Kringle Compact solution makes organising a Secret Santa fun and easy. You can use it with office colleagues, or with family and friends.

Feel free to share it.

Where does Kris Kringle come from?

The words "Kris Kringle" derive from the German "Kristkindle" which means "Christ Child", which became a Santa Clause type figure who brings gifts on Christmas.

Over the years, Kris Kringle developed into a tradition of a Secret Santa where groups of people secretly exchange gifts with each other.

How does this program work?

  1. Everyone involved puts their name "into the hat" by signing up on the web-based form.
  2. The program will then randomly assign givers to receivers.
  3. A spending limit is set.
  4. You can fill in a short questionnaire to give the giver an idea what you like.
  5. Each one buys a gift for the person assigned to them.
  6. Find a time or event to exchange gifts.
  7. Enjoy!