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City of Ballarat – Procurement & Contract Management.

Project Overview:

Ballarat is one of the largest inland cities in Australia, with a population of over 90,000. Strategically located in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, Ballarat plays a major role as a regional service provider, with key industries such as manufacturing, tourism, health and community services, education and retail. City of Ballarat is largely responsible for ensuring its region is sustainable, and so they are continually adapting to the changing needs and expansion of the Ballarat community.

Nimblex Solution: Procurement & Contract Management 


  • City of Ballarat was using a contract management solution which was rejected by internal users due to it being too inflexible and difficult to use with no email integration.
  • Managers were looking for a solution with a logical flow and flexibility, to shape around the areas where they felt needed greater emphasis, within their Contract Lifecycle Management Story.
  • Council was looking to implement a new solution within a short time frame.


  • Nimblex configured a Procurement and Contract Management Solution tailored to the City of Ballarat’s exact process and procedural needs.
  • The solution is easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to comply with all of the City of Ballarat’s unique process and workflow requirements.
  • Nimblex managed to configure, implement the solution and train staff within 45 days.


  • Quick benefit realisation and continuity of contract management processes without major interruption of overall contract management processes.
  • A  that is being embraced and well received by managers throughout the City of Ballarat as a result of the platform’s user friendliness.

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