Custom CRM Solutions.

Deliver accurate outcomes fast, on time, and on budget using future proof technology.

This is an ideal option when you have specific, non-standard processes and business requirements that need to be catered for individually as they do not fit into the current range of Nimblex Core Solutions or you can’t find anything in the off-the-shelf software application market that will fit your needs.

Nimblex, by way of our SIMPLE delivery methodology, will ensure the configuration of your particular solution without the traditional risks and high budgets associated with the delivery of custom management solutions.


Since we do not use hand-coding to configure your solution, all Nimblex features are highly configurable, making it easy to correctly translate your requirements into the creation of a robust solution.


Over the years, we have configured a wide variety of solutions, including the following examples:

  • Lease Management Solution
  • Project Management Solution
  • Timesheet Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Price and Quotation Solution
  • Stock Management Solution
  • Student Recruitment Solution
  • Freedom of Information Solution
  • Grant and Contract Management Solution
  • Appliance Rental and Financing Solution
  • Caravan Park Management Solution
  • Human Resources Management Solution
  • Cable Management Solution

…and many more…

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