Government Department Clients.

Direct Appliance Rentals

Having a company like eBMS work alongside us to develop a system specific to our processes and needs has revolutionised our business! Their customer service and support over the past 8 years are second to none!

Karina Wolfin


Our Office Administrator is saving 5-10 hours per week on Administrative tasks, allowing more time spent on customer service and assisting our Sales and Marketing Department.

Katie Maclean
Business Analyst

Melbourne Airport

Nimblex provides Melbourne Airport with a complete, user friendly, end to end product that suits our diverse business operations – we have worked closely with the team at EBMS and are very proud of the outcome.

Melbourne Airport

Bucher Municipal

How did we manage before we had Nimblex? I like because it is so easy to use. It just works.

We have over 100 users working in the system every day and I would highly recommend the product and the eBMS team to help any business implement a tailored system to meet their requirements.

Jason Tisbury
General Manager Supply Chain and Quality

AFL SportsReady

The staff at eBMS are friendly, efficient and very helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them – great company to deal with. The Nimblex platform is flexible, easy to configure and re-configure. Nothing that can’t be done in Nimblex platform to fulfill our business requirements – great software platform to work with.

Al Wong
IT Manager

Australian Tourist Park Management (ATPM)

Our 28 Holiday Parks all over Australia are now more productive and effectively ‘talk to each other’ – thanks to the robust, tailored and flexible centralised Nimblex system that enables all our staff to gain access to real-time information, no matter where they are. It has also saved us significant time across the organisation by streamlining and automating processes, eliminating double handling and giving us one source of business truth. The team at eBMS are great to deal with, nothing is too much trouble and they really know their stuff.

Chris Beaumont
Chief Information Officer

Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE)

Nimblex assisted us with planning and structure for our contracts register. Now with a good tracking system we are able to record, remind and report with ease. Excellent service received from the eBMS team by turning ATSE’s complexity into simplicity. Thanks eBMS.

Lynn Pagoda
Office Administrator and Project Support


It’s so easy to configure and simple to use. Nimblex has allowed us to customise the system according to the way WE want to work – it’s so effortless for us as an organisation.

Annette Stenhouse
Training & Development Consultant / Workplace Investigations Coordinator

Federation Training

I found the eBMS team excellently equipped to deal with the requirements of our Workplace Injury, Disease and Hazard Reporting Nimblex System. The quality of the work delivered met and exceeded expectations, and the cost of the system was very competitive. We were very happy with the finished product and are finding it very beneficial for data analysis and compliance to AS 1885 Workplace Injury and Disease Recording Standard.

Brad Charles
WH&S Manager

Video Testimonial.

Jason Tisbury General Manager Supply Chain & Quality