Data Migration Services.

How we migrate your data into Nimblex

Nimblex offers a data migration service to import your data into your Nimblex system. We follow a set-out Data Migration Plan that has proved to be effective and that efficient.

The Nimblex Import Tool.

We use a Nimblex tool for importing data as records into a form. This tool supports CSV files and Excel files (also our XML format), assuming a heading in the first row of the spreadsheet.

A template can be exported to Excel and data then inserted into the right columns to be imported back into the system. As part of the scope of a project, we will provide the templates and facilitate the data migration. When the template population is complete, you preview the results and hit “Import”. Each row of your data will become a new record in the system, or will modify existing records.

Customised Reports.

To allow for a wide variation in the format of spreadsheets that need to be imported, we have a Spreadsheet Import Button. This control can be inserted onto any form, dashboard or portal. It can then form an integral part of a greater process.

Data Migration Methodology.

EBMS will follow our data migration methodology when implementing any data migration for a client. Clients are given a detailed migration plan to fill in and follow. There will be at minimum a single test data migration and a single live data migration. If quoted there may be additional test migrations.

Source system exploration

(often EBMS will not be involved at this stage)

Data assessment

analysis of source data

Migration planning

once analysed, plan the remainder of the migration in detail

Migration build

build any tools required for the migration (generally Excel macros or import utilities in Nimblex)


perform the actual migration steps, both for testing and then for real


move to new system

The implementation of our Nimblex system has seen a vast improvement in our organisation’s intelligence through process efficiencies and business reporting. The product was custom designed around our critical processes, is user friendly and most customisation, including day-to-day improvements to the system, can be performed by an internal employee. This is incredibly beneficial given the frequently changing environment we operate in.

Claire Mortimer
Governance Coordinator
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Our Process.

We offer an alternative to expensive custom software solutions that take forever to develop and install. Our flexible, no code Nimblex platform is built around you.
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